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Sweet Pea - Azureus Blue
(L. sativus azureus) Brilliant azure-blue flowers about 1 inch across, borne on semi-trailing or..
Sweet Pea - Old Spice Mix
Sweet Pea ~ Old Spice Mix (Lathyrus odoratus). Thankfully this gorgeous scented old variety was..
Morning Glory - Kikyozaki Mixed
(Ipomoea nil) Kikyozaki morning glories are popular in Japan, and this is a cool mix of many colors...
Morning Glory - Sunrise Serenade - Ipomoea purpurea
An heirloom variety not available for a long time, Sunrise Serenade is back and you'll want it f..
Nasturtium - Climbing Phoenix, Tropaeolum majus
This Heirloom is a split-petal, vining nasturtium dating from the 19th century with..
Morning Glory - Mailbox Mix
(Ipomoea tricolor) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our heirloom blend combines flowers of deep, rich Heaven..
Morning Glory - Moonflower - Ipomoea alba
(Ipomoea alba) No romantic evening garden would be complete without the luminous, iridescent huge t..
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