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Tomato - Amish Paste - Organic
Bright red, heart-shaped fruits with meaty, juicy texture. The classic paste tomato—flavorful ..
Tomato - Black Cherry - Organic
Round, full-flavored cherry with distinctive purple-black color. One inch fruits with the juicy..
Tomato - Glacier - Organic
Organic Glacier TomatoOrganic Glacier Tomato - Our earliest tomato and darn good flavor too! Produce..
Tomato - Matt's Wild Cherry - Organic
Copious quantities of small, deep red cherries with exceptional flavor. Matt's keeps produc..
Tomato - Midnight Pear - Organic
Possibly one of the most flavourful of all tomatoes! You could say that this cherry tomato from..
Tomato - Pink Boar - Organic
Gorgeous wine-colored fruits with metallic green striping on vigorous vines.  Strong plants ..
Tomato - Red Pear - Organic
Prolific yields of bright red, perfectly pear-shaped fruits. Firm, sweet tomatoes that pop in your m..
Tomato - Black Krim - Organic
Black Krim Tomato - Organic.  One of the best black tomatoes. Rich, sweet complex taste wi..
Tomato - Marvel Stripe - Organic
Heirloom with strong, climbing vines bearing large sunny gold fruits shot through with rose-red, g..
Tomato - Summer Feast Mix
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - We've chosen a luscious, widely adapted trio of treasured heirlooms. Med..
Tomato - Brandywine, Beefsteak - Organic
The most popular heirloom Tomato variety is Brandywine. A favorite of many gardeners & cook..
Tomato - Pruden's Purple, Beefsteak - Organic
Rivals Brandywine as the best-flavored heirloom tomato with silky texture. Pruden’s is no..
Tomato - Garden Candy Cherry Mix
EXCLUSIVE – Bite sized, beautiful and early bearing, these 3 different colored cherri..
Tomato - Litt'l Bites
EXCLUSIVE – Bred in England, where tomato conditions are tough, Litt’l Bites ..
Tomato - Cosmonaut Volkov - Organic
Cosmonaut Volkov. This Ukrainian tomato is the hands down taste test winner in our trials. ..
Tomato - Blue Berries
75 days. Here’s a small cherry variety from Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms. Very dark purple co..
Tomato - Hungarian Heart
80 days. Brilliant reddish-pink oxheart type fruit is large—frequently exceeding one pou..
Tomato - Striped Roman
80-90 days. Stunning and unique, this long, pointed, red fruit has wavy orange stripes! People wer..
Tomato - Crimson Sprinter - Organic
Brilliant candy-apple red fruit and strong performance in cool conditions. Medium-sized mild fr..
Tomato - Jaune Flamme - Organic
Jaune Flamme is a prolific French Heirloom that will set your heart on fire with its sweet, fruity f..
Tomato - Mortgage Lifter,  Beefsteak
Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato was developed in the early 1930s by Mr. Byles of Logan, West Virgini..
Tomato - Pineapple
75-95 days. Very large, up to 2 lbs each. The yellow fruit has red marbling through the flesh and ..
Tomato - Inca Jewels, Paste
EXCLUSIVE - These delicious “Roma” style container tomatoes are bred for extra-he..
Tomato - Roma VF, Paste - Organic
Productive plum tomato with great disease resistance! Vigorous and strong, producing heavy yiel..
Tomato - San Marzano - Paste - Organic
Classic Italian favorite with high yields; excellent rich-flavored tomato for preserving. Prize..
Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange
Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange Cherry Tomato - A Customer Favorite! Sungold's heavy yields of ri..
Tomato - Tasmanian Chocolate - Organic
Strong-yielding, short, sturdy vines offer beautiful, plump mahogany red/orange, faintly striped t..
Tomato - Super Bush, Container
This scrumptious hybrid is specially bred for high yields of heavy fruits. It has juicy-sweet f..
Tomato - Sweetie Cherry - Organic
Super-sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content for eating right off the vine!Masses of 1-1.5&..
Tomato - Yellow Pear - Organic
Yellow Pear Tomato. These pretty little pear shaped tomatoes are very mildly flavoured and beau..
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