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Anise Hyssop - Agastache
Anise Hyssop - Agastache foeniculum. This is a supremely wonderful Butterfly, Bee & Hummingbird plant. Spikes of fragrant, lavender coloured flowers are edible and ornamental. Try them fresh in fruit salad or dry them with the leaves for a minty-licorice flavoured herb tea. Easy to grow branching plants will reach one metre or more and flower from mid- summer through fall. Thrives in full sun in well-drained soil and will self-seed freely. Deer resistant for those of you with gardens ne..
Forget Me Not - Azure Bluebirds
(Myosotis oblongata) EXCLUSIVE – Charming sky-blue Forget-Me-Nots bring out the romantic in us all. One of the easiest to grow and most prolific flowers of early spring, they bloom at the same time as spring bulbs for which they are perfect companions. Azure Bluebird reaches 12 inches tall with bright green furry leaves the shape of upside-down spoons. As the branching flower stems elongate, the plump buds unfurl their dainty blossoms and shine above the foliage in clear heavenly b..
Yarrow - Polish Pastels Mix - Achillea
(Achillea millefolium) An electrifying mix of colors that breathes life into the landscape. Yarrow is an ancient herb appreciated for centuries as a healing plant. Ancient Native Americans chewed the leaves for toothaches, and an ancient Chinese proverb claims that yarrow brightens the eyes and promotes intelligence. Yarrow is a keystone plant for the drought-tolerant garden and is frequently grown in butterfly gardens. The roots also help to prevent erosion.   ..
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