Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea - Amethyst & Orchids
Flowers resemble the exotic coloured blooms of orchids, in shades of purple, pale pink and amethyst, waved petals in single and bi-colours. Sophisticated and regal, Spencer type blooms.       ..
Sweet Pea - Azureus Blue
(L. sativus azureus) Brilliant azure-blue flowers about 1 inch across, borne on semi-trailing or bush plants reaching about 2 feet in height. Really distinctive accent or container plant! This Chinese native tolerates heat much better than ordinary sweet peas. (Warning: The seeds, pods and plants are poisonous!)   ..
Sweet Pea - Old Spice Mix
Sweet Pea ~ Old Spice Mix (Lathyrus odoratus). Thankfully this gorgeous scented old variety was rescusitated before lathyrus breeders pushed it out of the trade in favour of the big buxom— and bland-smelling— modern varieties. Annual sweet peas need cool weather, cool roots, and lots of fertile, deep soil. Dig the bed in the fall get ready to plant your starts (or seeds) as soon as you can push a shovel through in the spring. They can be started in a cold frame in really deep..
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