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Poppy - Giant Rattle Breadseed
(P. somniferum) Massive, blue-green poppy pods are the size of a golf ball and make an exotic and intriguing floral design element. When dried, they are full of delicious bread seeds! The 3-foot tall plants have sturdy stems and produce large, single, lavender to pink blooms that are heavenly in appearance. The petals fall back, revealing humongous large pods, which are among the largest of any poppy we have grown. Highly sought after by flower farmers, high-end floral designers and home..
Poppy - Pepperbox Breadseed, Papaver somniferum
(Papaver spp.) Growing these old-fashioned poppies offers triple rewards: glorious flowers, handsome pods and nutty-tasting seeds from the same ornamental plants. Gray-green Pepperbox plants send up nodding stems of large papery-textured purple, red and pale pink blossoms, all with dark center blotches. After the petals drop, their big pods swell as the blue-black seeds mature to harvest when dry for baking. Or keep the pods for beautiful decorations. Approx. 1000 seeds/pack. Mature height 3-4 ..
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