Cucumbers, cultivated in India and Egypt for over 3000 years, were introduced to Northern Europe by the Greco-Roman culture. All Cucumbers seem to have originated in southern Asia and Africa.

Cucurbits are tender, hungry, sun lovers who like to keep their feet in warm soil with ample moisture and good drainage.

Pick a sunny location. Plant cucurbits in hills, drills, or mounds. cucurbits need at least eight hours of full sun each day.

Give them a lot of room, horizontal or vertical, for their usually sprawling nature. Cucumbers grown vertically will be straighter!

They are not fussy about their soil, but, prefer a well drained sandy loam soil enriched with compost. Cucurbits have hearty appetites and love a deep mulch of compost.

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Cucumber - Chelsea Prize English Cucumber
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our cucumber lovers’ reward, 12 to 15 inch Chelsea Prize is the same long, elegantly slender English cucumber found at a premium price in upscale markets. These thin skinned, bitter-free cucumbers are always easy to digest with absolutely delicious crispy sweet flesh and few seeds. The handsome glossy fruits are produced in abundance from every node of the vigorous, self-pollinating vines. Enjoy them all summer in wafer-thin juicy slices for salads or cut into refre..
Cucumber - Container Bush Slicer
Container Bush Slicer Cucumbers are juicy slicing cucumbers that grow in record time on disease resistant, dwarf bushes. It is perfect for small space or container gardens. The 6 to 8 inches long fruits have smooth, tender skin and sweet, crisp flesh. Maturity 55 Days (approx. 18 seeds/pack). Maturity 55 days. START SEEDS OUTDOORS: Plant heat loving cucumbers only when spring weather is warmed and night temperatures are consistently above 55°F (13°C). Amend soil we..
Cucumber - Green Finger - Organic
Thin, tender skin, crisp flesh and a small seed cavity. Green Finger blew away hybrids in our trials for quality and yield. Unusually durable for this type; no wrapping needed! A field or open tunnel variety bred by Cornell University. Beit Alphas are similar to European/Dutch types but smaller. Gourmet Beit Alpha-type • 6-8” fruit. (Cucumis sativus). Maturity 60 days.  Disease Resistance: Powdery Mildew, PRS, WMV, Zucchini Yellow Mosiac Virus ..
Cucumber - Marketmore 76 - Organic
Marketmore 76 remains the most widely-planted OP slicer in the US. Dark green fruits stay green and mild-tasting even under heat stress, while multiple disease resistances keep plants vigorous and highly productive across a long picking season. Shows good resistance to Angular Leaf Spot and Anthracnose in High Mowing Seeds trials. Vigorous • 8-9” fruit. (Cucumis sativus). Disease Resistance: Powdery Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Scab. 65 days to maturity. ..
Cucumber - National Pickling - Organic
Short, thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious in salads. Fruits have striped, medium green skin and a slightly tapered shape to fit in a pickle jar. A heavy producer with black spines. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association; the cuke pickle growers asked for. Productive • 5” fruit. (Cucumis sativus). Disease Resistance: Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Scab. 52 days to Maturity. ..
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