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Asparagus - Mary Washington
Asparagus - Mary Washington. Asparagus takes 2-3 years to establish BUT, then produces for 30 y..
Broccoli - De Cicco - Organic
Italian Heirloom variety known for tender stalks and mild flavor. Reliable multi-cut variety th..
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
The standard open-pollinated variety since the 1890's. Heavy yields of delicious sprouts.&n..
Brussels Sprouts - Red Rubine
A hard-to-find heirloom variety that really is colorful in cool late fall weather. Easily one of the..
Bush Bean - Container - French Mascotte
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Mascotte is the first true container green bean variety, perfect for pa..
Carrot - Imperator
Imperator carrots have 7-9" long slender tapering roots. Make sure you have cultivated your soi..
Carrot - Purple Sun
These great-looking, plump dark Purple Carrots grow vigorously, combining wonderful rich color with ..
Cauliflower - Goodman - Organic
Early, generous producer of well-rounded ivory heads. Goodman will surprise you with a slight f..
Celery - Tango- Organic
Greatly improved variety that is early and easy to grow. Two weeks earlier than most varieties;..
Corn - Fisher's Earliest Sweet  - Organic
Early and beautiful with old-fashioned flavor. Vigorous, multi-colored 5-6' stalks with one..
Corn - Peaches & Cream
Peaches & Cream Corn. Summertime flavor from our yellow and white kerneled garden winner.&n..
Corn - Who Gets Kissed? Sweet Corn- Organic
A sweet corn bred for (and by) organic growers! Excellent flavor and tender texture; good cool ..
Mache - Lambs Lettuce - Corn Salad
The oval leaves of mild, nutty-flavored mache (lamb's lettuce or corn salad) form fist-sized ros..
Parsnip - White Gem
White Jem Parsnip. Specially bred by Suttons, Parsnip White Gem is highly recommended for use o..
Pumpkin - Big Max - Organic
Look for help when it's time to bring these beauties in from the garden. "Big Max" liv..
Pumpkin - Dill's Atlantic Giant
The uniqueness of the variety lies in its capacity to produce fruits larger than those produced by a..
Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant - Organic
Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard - 25 days baby, 50 days full size. Tender, crinkled, bright green le..
Swiss Chard - Rainbow - Organic
Rainbow Chard is a colorful, long-standing Chard with green leaves and crunchy stalks that show..
Turnip - Tokyo Market - Organic
Artichoke- Tavor - Organic
An improved Imperial Star type adapted for organic production. Nearly spineless plants yield 7-..
Arugula - Astro - Organic
The commercial standard with long, green leaves and characteristic mildly spicy flavor. Germinat..
Broccoli - Hon Tsai Tai - Organic
Dark green leaves, purple stems and sweet, petite florets. Similar to broccoli raab with a swee..
Okra - Clemson Spineless 80 - Organic
Spineless variety with beautiful emerald green pods. Improved variety is more productive and earlier..
Pac Choy - Shanghai Green - Organic
The Best Open Pollinated baby pac choy out there. Dark green, spoon-shaped leaves with wide, li..
Tomatillos - Toma Verde - Organic
Early variety with tart flavor when young, becoming sweeter as it ripens. Medium to large size ..
Arugula, Grazia Wild, Organic
Wild Arugula is an Italian heirloom. It forms rosettes of deeply indented leaves with a pi..
Arugula - Wasabi
(Diplotaxis erucoides) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - A unique wild arugula, Wasabi’s leaves taste j..
Collards - Georgia - Organic
Top producer of tender, mild flavored greens with reliable, heavy yields. Long, loosely held le..
Pea - Little Crunch - Container Snap Pea
Little Crunch is a delicious new snap pea developed especially for growing in containers. These vers..
Pea - Magnolia Blossom Tall Snap Pea
This highly productive, 5-8 foot tall vining snap pea has eye-catching bicolored purple blossoms tha..
Pea - Sugar Daddy Snap - Organic
Suggar Daddy Snap Pea is a high yielding bush vines that load up early with double pods of plump, nu..
Pepper - hot - Scotch Bonnet
Attractive, golden-yellow, squat little peppers with a shocking heat and superb fruit-like flavor...
Ground Cherry - Goldie - Organic
Sweet, tropical-tasting gold berries wrapped in paper husks add magic to your garden. Bushy pla..
Pea - Cascadia Snap - Organic
A must-have main season variety Snap Pea with heavy yields of juicy, thick-walled pods. Bucketloads ..
Pea - Mammoth Melting Snow - Organic
Mammoth Melting Snow Pea. 65 days. Heirloom. Vigorous vines reach 2 m. and are loaded..
Pea - Sugar Snap
Plump crisp pods filled with sweet round peas make a great snack, served fresh with dip, or add them..
Pumpkin - Peanut - Galeux d'Eysines
Galeux d'Eysines an elegant old French heirloom has been remamed to Peanut Pumpkin for the ..
Squash - Winter - Delicata - Organic
Superbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata. The only winter squash that can be eaten with ..
Beet - Chiogga Guardsmark - Organic- AKA Candy Cane Beat
Italian heirloom with bright, candy-red exteriors & interior flesh beautifully marked in alterna..
Gourd - Birdhouse
The perfect haven for your feathered friends. Birdhouse gourds are a long-handled ball-shaped courd...
Gourd - Luffa Sponge
Luffa (aka Loofah) is a very practical and useful gourd which can be used for bathing, filtering and..
Pea - Laxton's Progress #9 - Organic
Laxton's Progress #9 English Shell Pea.‚Äč A leading garden pea with short vines and plump po..
Pumpkin - Fairytail, Musquee de Provence
This French heirloom is possibly the ultimate pumpkin. Delicious flavor from, deeply ribbed &am..
Squash - Winter - Burgess Buttercup - Organic
Dark green fruits with golden orange, stringless flesh and sweet, rich flavor A long-time New E..
Squash - Winter - Red Kuri - Organic
Red Kuri Winter Squash (C. Maxima) Organic. Orange-red, teardrop-shaped squash have a sweet fla..
Bean - Broad Bean ~ Windsor Fava
Hardy plant with large, nutty beans. English variety dating to 1863 with delicious flavor when eat..
Pepper - Sweet - Golden California Wonder - Organic
Deep orange, thick-walled with high yields and good fruit set in cool conditions.Sturdy, upright 22-..
Tomato - Matt's Wild Cherry - Organic
Copious quantities of small, deep red cherries with exceptional flavor. Matt's keeps produc..
Tomato - Pink Boar - Organic
Gorgeous wine-colored fruits with metallic green striping on vigorous vines.  Strong plants ..
Beet - Touchstone Golden Beet
Touchstone Golden Beets - Hard to find!  These are a good choice for roots and greens, wit..
Carrot - Danvers 126
Danvers carrots are very sweet and tender. They have that wonderful "garden fresh" ..
Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson - Organic
Black Seeded Simpson is a loose-leaf variety. A fast producer that is easy to grow. An essential par..
Lettuce - Freckles - Organic
Heirloom.An unusual bright green romaine with crimson splashes. Upright growth, early coloring ..
Lettuce - Gourmet Blend - Organic
A unique High Mowing Organic Seeds creation you won’t find anywhere else. This tasty and ..
Lettuce - High Mowing Blend - Organic
High Mowing Organic Seeds best-selling item for the home garden! Thier own blend of lettuce and..
Lettuce - Optima Butterhead - Organic
Dark green butterhead for spring production. Optima is a thick-leaved type, consistently produc..
Lettuce - Outredgeous Romain/Cos - Organic
Out-does all the reds, forming a loose teenage head with spectacular solid magenta color. Outredgeou..
Squash - Summer - Zucchini - Costata Romanesco - Organic
Wins every taste test with its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Italian hei..
Squash - Summer - Zucchini Dark Green - Organic
Vigorous variety produces good yields of straight, smooth marketable fruits. An open-pollinated..
Squash - Winter - Waltham Butternut - Organic
By far the most widely-grown open pollinated Butternut with delicious, finely textured dark orange f..
Beet - Five Colour Rainbow
Gorgeous five-color mix is a visual knockout in both garden and kitchen. Enjoy as sweet baby beets &..
Bush Bean - Tri-Colour Bush Bean Mix
Tri-Colour Bush Bean Mix (approx. 85 seeds/pack). A blend of three colors of bush beans for a s..
Carrot - Rainbow, Harlequin Mix
Exclusive - Renee's mix of great tasting, early maturing carrots in a kaleidoscope of fun colors..
Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow - Organic
Oregon Sugar Pod II is a fantastic Snow Pea. The flat, sweet pod and its small seeds add crunch..
Pumpkin - Lumina
The ghost and goblins will be hanging around your pumpkin patch well before Halloween if they discov..
Radish - Five Colour Mix
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – This virtual rainbow of colorful and tasty radishes includes purple, p..
Spinach - New Zealand
This spinach-like plant thrives in hot dry weather. Interestingly, it is a native of Australia and &..
Squash - Winter - Honey Boat Delicata
One of the sweetest squash varieties in existence! This "sweet potato" sweet squash is an ..
Kale - Lacinato - Italian Nero - Dinosaur - Organic
Lacinato, Italian Nero or Dinosaur - Organic. Whatever you call it it's Amazing! This ..
Lettuce Mix - Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden, Mesclun Mix. (approx. 2000 seeds/pack). A beautiful watercolor palette of d..
Radish - French Breakfast - Organic
Classic, smooth red bunching radish with attractive crispy white flesh. Uniform roots are much ..
Beet - Cylindra - Organic
A wonderful Heirloom from Denmark, it is famous for slicing with its long, cylindrical roots. P..
Lettuce - Paris Island - Romaine/Cos - Organic
Paris Island romaine has crunchy, sweet leaves, buttery-green heart, and vigorous growth. This ..
Pepper - HOT - Ring-O-Fire Cayenne - Organic
“And it burns, burns, burns,” just like Johnny Cash said. This is a hot, hot pepper..
Pumpkin - Jarrahdale
Want a new fall novelty? Try Jaradale Pumpkin! Delicate soft blue skin makes this pumpkin ..
Squash - Summer - Tri-Colour Mix - Jade,Gold & Emerald
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our mixed seed packet offers an easy way to grow 3 different colored, extra-..
Beet - Detroit Red Heirloom - Organic
Detroit Dark Red Beet. The most popular, old standard, all-purpose, red beet, uniform and smoot..
Bush Bean - Gold Rush Wax - Organic
Gold Rush has 5¼" long yellow wax pods and white beans. The pod is straight and han..
Kale - Portuguese, Tronchuda Beira
Portuguese Kale ~ Tronchuda Beira (approx 80 seeds/pack).  Tender, sweet, and much more he..
Squash - Summer - Astia - Container Zucchini
EXCLUSIVE - Astia is a well-bred French bush zucchini variety, developed especially for container gr..
Squash - Summer - Benning's Green Tint Patty Pan - Organic
Easy-to-grow pale green fruits that mature to a creamy white. Bushy plants provide good yields ..
Tomato - Green Zebra, Beefsteak - Organic
Popular succulent green fruits with sweet and zingy flavor. Medium-sized fruits start out pale ..
Radish - Miyashige Daikon - Organic
Popular Japanese radish that can grow very large while remaining crisp and tender.Pure white roots w..
Radish - Valentine's Day Blend - Organic
Well-balanced blend makes a sweet impression! An eye-catching blend sure to create a heartfelt ..
Radish - Watermelon/Chinese Red  Meat - Organic
Watermelon Radish ~ Chinese Red Meat Radish. Aka - The colorful "Beauty Heart" radish..
Squash - Summer - Success PM Straightneck - Organic
Prolific, disease-resistant plants with smooth, uniform, and attractive fruit. A breakthrough i..
Cucumber - Chelsea Prize English Cucumber
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our cucumber lovers’ reward, 12 to 15 inch Chelsea Prize is the same l..
Cucumber - Mexican Mouse Melon aka: Cucamelon
Cucamelon AKA mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Mexican miniature watermelon & Mexican sour cuc..
Pole Bean - Tri-Colour Mix
A blend of three colors of pole beans: Blue Lake, Yellow Pole Wax & Purple Peacoc..
Pumpkin - Cinderella, Rouge Vif d'Etampes - Organic
Cinderella pumpkin is an heirloom variety from France also known as Rouge vif d'Etampes. Th..
Cucumber - Container Bush Slicer
Container Bush Slicer Cucumbers are juicy slicing cucumbers that grow in record time on disease resi..
Kale - Scarlet Curly - Organic
Scarlet Curly Kale.  Attractive and nutritious! Use in your veggie patch as well as your garden..
Beet - Albino
A pure white, fairly smooth round heirloom beet from Holland. Its super sweet white flesh is tasty..
Carrot - Dragon - Organic
Vibrant purple skin with bright orange flesh and unusual yellow core. Adored by carrot aficionado..
Carrot - Starburst Blend - Organic
This rainbow of sweet and crunchy roots will delight customers of all ages, with striking shades of ..
Peanut - Valencia
(Arachis hypogaea) 110 days. A treasured heirloom that has been grown since before 1930, each pod co..
Pole Bean - Chinese Red Noodle
This is the most stunning and unique bean I have grown yet. Fantastic, deep red, 18” pods ar..
Pole Bean - Kentucky Wonder Yellow Wax
An old heirloom pole variety with 6" to 9", slightly curved, oval beans of golden yellow.&..
Pepper - HOT - Hungarian Hot Wax - Organic
Long, banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing and pickled peppers.Ripens from pale yello..
Pepper - HOT - Jalapeno Early - Organic
Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper - Certified Organic. A medium-hot early Jalapeno which is flavourful ..
Pepper - HOT - Magnum Habanero - Organic
Typical habanero with bonnet shape and a gorgeous bright orange color. Uniformity and productiv..
Pepper - HOT - Shishito - Organic
Small, mild Japanese pepper for roasting, pan-frying and grilling. Thin walls blister and char ea..
Pumpkin - Jack Be Little
Terrific for decorations and eating. These charming little orange pumpkins are 3-4 inches across, so..
Cucumber - Green Finger - Organic
Thin, tender skin, crisp flesh and a small seed cavity. Green Finger blew away hybrids in our t..
Cucumber - Lemon Cucumber - Organic
Specialty variety prized by chefs for its delicate flavor and crunchy bite. Round fruits turn f..
Tomato - Garden Candy, Tricolour Cherry Mix
Tricolour "Garden Candy" mix from Renee's is a fantastic selection of cherry tomatoes...
Pepper - hot - Poblano aka: Ancho - Organic
One of the most popular chilis in Mexico! 3- to 6-inch heart-shaped fruits are usually of gentle hea..
Cucumber - Marketmore 76 - Organic
Marketmore 76 remains the most widely-planted OP slicer in the US. Dark green fruits stay green and ..
Cucumber - National Pickling - Organic
Short, thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious in salads. Fruits have st..
Tomato - Roma VF, Paste - Organic
Productive plum tomato with great disease resistance! Vigorous and strong, producing heavy yiel..
Tomato - San Marzano - Paste - Organic
Classic Italian favorite with high yields; excellent rich-flavored tomato for preserving. Prize..
Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange
Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange Cherry Tomato - A Customer Favorite! Sungold's heavy yields of ri..
Tomato - Tiny Tim - Cherry
This standard, determinate growth, dwarf cherry tomato introduced in 1945 is ideal for pots and wind..
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