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Pepper - HOT - Habanero - Red Savina
Incendiary Red Savina is the hottest habanero known at 380-500,000 Scoville units. Along with b..
Pepper - sweet - California Wonder - Organic
Large, blocky, thick-walled glossy fruit that turns red quickly under a range of conditions. Up..
Pepper - HOT - Thai Chile Duo
Thai Chile Duo is a combination of two Thai hot pepper varieties. Full Moon,Orange & Red Vesuvio..
Pepper - SWEET - Jewel Tone Bells
Renee's Jewel Tone Blends Sweet Peppers have colour-coded seeds that enable gardeners to grow th..
Pepper - HOT - Ring-O-Fire Cayenne - Organic
“And it burns, burns, burns,” just like Johnny Cash said. This is a hot, hot pepper..
Pepper - Sweet  - Bangles Blend - Organic
Adorable red, gold, and chocolate baby bells are great for snacking or stuffing. Eat fresh by t..
Pepper - Sweet  - King of the North,Red - Organic
Reliable set of green to glossy red fruits in short seasons. Improved for a higher percentage o..
Pepper - HOT - Hungarian Hot Wax - Organic
Long, banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing and pickled peppers.Ripens from pale yello..
Pepper - HOT - Jalapeno Early - Organic
Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper - Certified Organic. A medium-hot early Jalapeno which is flavourful ..
Pepper - HOT - Magnum Habanero - Organic
Typical habanero with bonnet shape and a gorgeous bright orange color. Uniformity and productiv..
Pepper - HOT - Shishito - Organic
Small, mild Japanese pepper for roasting, pan-frying and grilling. Thin walls blister and char ea..
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