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Brussels Sprouts - Red Rubine
A hard-to-find heirloom variety that really is colorful in cool late fall weather. Easily one of the..
Swiss Chard - Ruby Red - Organic
Rich crimson red stems and bright green savoyed leaves. The standard for red chards; our improv..
Carrot - Chantenay Red Cored - Organic
Broad-shouldered variety with sweet, old fashioned carrot flavor. Wide shoulders, a tapered root and..
Herb - Basil - Sacred Basil - Organic
Musky, fragrant flowers and foliage excellent for tea and medicinal purposes. Also known as Holy bas..
Squash - Winter - Red Kuri - Organic
Red Kuri Winter Squash (C. Maxima) Organic. Orange-red, teardrop-shaped squash have a sweet fla..
Pumpkin - Red Warty Thing - Victor
Red Warty Thing aka Victor is one of the most stunning squashes around! The big glowing, oblong..
Kale - Red Russian - Organic
Red Russian, Brassica napus. 21 days baby, 50 days mature.This heirloom kale has sweet, tender ..
Lettuce - Outredgeous Romain/Cos - Organic
Out-does all the reds, forming a loose teenage head with spectacular solid magenta color. Outredgeou..
Pepper - SWEET - Jewel Tone Bells
Renee's Jewel Tone Blends Sweet Peppers have colour-coded seeds that enable gardeners to grow th..
Lavender - Munstead - Lavendula Augustifolia
(Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our easy to grow Munstead h..
Beet - Detroit Red Heirloom - Organic
Detroit Dark Red Beet. The most popular, old standard, all-purpose, red beet, uniform and smoot..
Cabbage -  Red Express - Organic
A perfect open-pollinated variety for our Canadian climate that forms up quickly to convenient 1-1.8..
Radish - Watermelon/Chinese Red  Meat - Organic
Watermelon Radish ~ Chinese Red Meat Radish. Aka - The colorful "Beauty Heart" radish..
Spinach - Malabar Climbing
A gorgeous combination of dark green leaves and burgundy vines and buds sets this wonderful variety ..
Zinnia - Cactus Flowerd Mix
An extra large strain of cactus zinnia with flowers up to 15 cm (6") across. The stocky, uprigh..
Tomato - Garden Candy, Tricolour Cherry Mix
Tricolour "Garden Candy" mix from Renee's is a fantastic selection of cherry tomatoes...
Cosmos - Cosimo Purple-Red-White
Stunning 5-7 cm (2-3") wide bicoloured flowers striped purple, red and white fill these dwarf..
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