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Herb - Mint - Spearmint
(Menta spicata) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Sweetest of all the mints, true spearmint produces scented ..
Pea - Little Crunch - Container Snap Pea
Little Crunch is a delicious new snap pea developed especially for growing in containers. These vers..
Pea - SS141 - Organic Sugar Snap
Sugar Snap - SS 141 is a compact plant of 3.5' vines that forms a heavy set of extra-long, extra..
Pea - Laxton's Progress #9 - Organic
Laxton's Progress #9 English Shell Pea.‚Äč A leading garden pea with short vines and plump po..
Tomato - Midnight Pear - Organic
Possibly one of the most flavourful of all tomatoes! You could say that this cherry tomato from..
Tomato - Red Pear - Organic
Prolific yields of bright red, perfectly pear-shaped fruits. Firm, sweet tomatoes that pop in your m..
Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow - Organic
Oregon Sugar Pod II is a fantastic Snow Pea. The flat, sweet pod and its small seeds add crunch..
Sweet Pea - Amethyst & Orchids
Flowers resemble the exotic coloured blooms of orchids, in shades of purple, pale pink and amethyst,..
Tomato - Yellow Pear - Organic
Yellow Pear Tomato. These pretty little pear shaped tomatoes are very mildly flavoured and beau..
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