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Brussels Sprouts - Continuity Mix F1
A mix of vigorous-growing varieties that stand well and perform well on a range of soil types, cro..
Fairy Garden Mix
Equal Parts: Love in a Mist, California Poppies, Annual Phlox, Forget-Me-Nots, Alyssum Renee's ..
Agastache - Arcado Pink Hyssop
(Agastache X hyb.) Think Anise hyssop with a twist. This variety blo..
Flowers - Bee Pollinator Mixture
Bring back the bees and help end colony collapse disorder. We’ve been losing our bees at an al..
Flowers - Wildflower Semi-Shade Mixture
This Semi-Shade Wildflower mix has been designed for those areas that receive only 4 to 5 hours of f..
Morning Glory - Kikyozaki Mixed
(Ipomoea nil) Kikyozaki morning glories are popular in Japan, and this is a cool mix of many colors...
(Tropaeolum majus) These charming variegated nasturtiums have lovely lily-pad leaves whose cream ..
Nigella - Persian Jewels Mix, damascena
A real jewel! This 'Love in a Mist' is a mixture of white, pink, rose-red, mauve and purple ..
Zinnia - Peaches & Cream
These new and improved scabious flowered flowers have unusually shaped blooms in complementing colou..
Safflower - Grenade MIx
  Annual. Creamy ivory, lemon yellow and bright saffron orange thistle-like flower..
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