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Bush Bean -  Blue Lake - Organic
Blue Lake Bush Bean . This dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. The bush..
Bush Bean - Serengeti French Filet
A strong, upright growing fancy French filet bean featuring 14 cm (5.5") long, straight smooth ..
Bush Bean - Tendergreen - Organic
Tendergreen Organic Bush Bean Seeds Straight, nearly string-less pods about 15 cm (6″) long. L..
Pole Bean -  Blue Lake
Blue Lake Pole produces dark green, smooth, round that are tender and meaty. Pole beans produce long..
Pole Bean - Painted Lady Runner
(Phaseolus coccineus) EXCLUSIVE - This rare ornamental runner bean is a true antique, dating back t..
Pole Bean - Rattlesnake- Organic
Picked fresh, beans are round and dark green with unusual purple streaks that fade when co..
Pole Bean - Sunset Runner, Phaseolus coccineus
This runner bean should be grown for the flowers! Once you grow it, you will want more and more.&nbs..
Bean - Broad Bean ~ Windsor Fava
Hardy plant with large, nutty beans. English variety dating to 1863 with delicious flavor when eat..
Pole Bean - Emerite French Fillet - Haricot Verts - Organic
Elegant, classic French "haricot verts" pole beans with especially slim, long rounded pods..
Pole Bean -  Urizun Japanese Winged Bean
An early maturing and supremely delicious winged bean from Japan. This highly adaptable winged bea..
Pole Bean - Chinese Light Green Long Bean
This noodle bean reaches 20-30 inches long! Fun for kids’ gardens or dramatic effect in ed..
Pole Bean - Chinese Red Noodle
This is the most stunning and unique bean I have grown yet. Fantastic, deep red, 18” pods ar..
Pole Bean - Kentucky Wonder Yellow Wax
An old heirloom pole variety with 6" to 9", slightly curved, oval beans of golden yellow.&..
Bean - Pole - Scarlet Runner
Flower or vegetable? It's both! Green, broad oval leaflets forma a dense, yet delicate backdrop ..
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