Carrot - Imperator

Carrot - Imperator
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Imperator carrots have 7-9" long slender tapering roots. Make sure you have cultivated your soil to a depth of 10-12" for best results. Very tasty carrot.  Leave some in the ground to harvest after a frost of two - carrots become sweeter after a frost. This is a great variety for winter storage. Maturity 74 Days

How To Grow Carrots will grow well in any open, well cultivated, deep garden soil. As the seed is quite small, mix it with some sand when sowing. Once soil temperature rises above 7.5 C (45 F), sow seed about 7-15 mm (1/4-1/2") deep in rows spaced 45-60 cm (18- 24") apart. Stagger several sowings over the next few weeks. Keep the seedbed evenly moist during the 2 week germination period but avoid crusting over the soil as this will greatly reduce the number of seedlings that emerge. Thin the seedlings during the early stages of growth until they are 5 cm (2") apart. Keep the plants evenly watered, weed free and avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Harvest any time after the carrot roots develop good colour.
Life Cycle Biennial Harvested as an Annual
Propagation Sow Direct
Days to Emergence 14
Light Full Sun
Growth Habit Root Crop
Height Low to Medium (7 to 30 cm)
Frost Tolerance Frost Hardy
Days to Harvest 74
Degree of Difficulty Easy
Heritage Open Pollinated
Length of Row Packet One packet sows approximately 10 m (33') of row.
Family Name Apiaceae
Latin Daucus carota sativa
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