Sensitive Plant - Mimosa pudica

Sensitive Plant - Mimosa pudica
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Mimosa exhibit fascinating animal like response to stimuli. Fern-like leaves of this plant will fold up when touched then reopen a short time later. A whispering noise accompanies their closing. This folding of leaves after touch or shaking is termed seismonastic movement. Mimosa fold their leaves with night fall opening again with daylight, a phenomena known as nyctinastic movement. Mimosa produce cute, globe-like flower heads clustered with pink/purple flowers. Performs well as a house plant.

How To Grow Germination is enhanced by soaking overnight in water. Sow seed 3 mm (1/8") deep in a fine mix. Maintain a growing medium temperature of 26 C (80 F) for the 15 day germination period then grow on under lights at 18 C (65 F) before hardening off and moving them outside to the garden after the danger of frost has passed. Prefers hot, humid growing conditions. Mimosa is a perennial plant that is definitely not winter hardy so plants growing outside through the summer must be moved back indoors before the first frost. This is not a bad thing as Mimosa makes a decent indoor plant as well.
Blooming Season Begins Late Summer
Life Cycle Tender Perennial for Outdoors in Summer or Indoors Year Round
Propagation Start Indoors
Days to Emergence 12 to 17
Light Bright Indirect
Growth Habit Bushy
Frost Tolerance Killed by Frost
Degree of Difficulty Prior Experience Beneficial
Heritage Heirloom
Family Name Fabaceae
Latin Mimosa pudica
Suggested uses. Indoor plant
Patio container plant
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