Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel

Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel
Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel Nasturtium - Climbing - Amazon Jewel
Brand: Renee's Garden Seeds
Product Code: Amazon Jewel, Tropaeolum majus
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(Tropaeolum majus)
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - This spellbinding nasturtium offers unusual variegated vining foliage and brilliant spurred blossoms in exotic and unusual shades of pumpkin, painted peachy-rose, ruby, gold and pale lemon. The single scented flowers shine out from among lily-pad shaped leaves splashed with patterns of emerald green and creamy white. The effect is a trailing jungle of gemstones as Amazon Jewel meanders gracefully to cover bare spots, adorn fences or cascade from containers, filling the garden with vibrant color. Approx. 38 seeds/pack. Mature height 4-6 feet.      
ANNUAL: Spring/summer/fall bloom, Frost tender

EASY TO START OUTDOORS: Sow seeds in spring once all danger of frost is over in full sun (or part shade in hot climates). Nasturtiums need no added fertilizer in most soils. Poke seeds into well-worked soil about 1 inch deep and 3 to 4 inches apart. Press soil firmly over the seeds and keep moist. When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin to 10 inches apart so plants will have ample room to grow.

TO START EARLY INDOORS: Sow 2 seeds each in individual 4-inch pots of well-drained seed starting mix 3 weeks before last expected frost date. Cover 1 inch deep. Provide a strong light source. When seedlings have several sets of leaves and weather is evenly in the 50°F (10°C) range, gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions. Transplant seedlings into the garden 10 inches apart in full sun.

GROWING NOTES: Climbing nasturtiums are very reliable and easy to grow in any well-drained soil. You’ll need to help them begin to twine onto their supports with loose ties, then they’ll climb easily and bloom non-stop. Do not let plants dry out during blooming season. The variegated tropical looking foliage and bright flowers of Amazon Jewel make a lovely vining duet.


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