Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica

Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica
Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica
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(Asclepias curassavica)
EXCLUSIVE - This mid to late summer heat-lover has big clusters of 1-inch blossoms in vivid scarlet-red, warm orange-red and gold. Butterflies visit the flowers constantly, unable to resist the large amounts of nectar waiting in their bright blossoms. Our award winning Bright Wings is a handsome border plant with 2 to 3 foot flower stalks and blue-green leaves. They are also colorful container plants. Related to common butterfly weed, but much prettier, Bright Wings flowers are lovely in bouquets. Approx. 100 seeds/pack. Mature height 2-3 feet.               

Canadian perspective: Bright Wings Milkweed or Asclepias is a tropical cousin to our common milkweed.  It is very beautiful and also a non-invasive cultivar of milkweed which help butterflies & pollinators. For us in Canada this is an amazing annual for use in gardens & containers.  This mid to late summer heatlover has big clusters of 1 inch blossoms in vivid scarlet-red, warm orange-red & gold.  

BEST TO START EARLY INDOORS: Start seed indoors 8 to10 weeks before last spring frost date. Sow seeds in 4-inch pots of seed starting mix and cover 1/4 inch deep. Keep warm and moist; provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant out. Once danger of frost is past, gradually acclimate plants to outdoor conditions, then transplant into the garden 12 inches apart into well drained soil in full sun.

TO PLANT DIRECTLY IN THE GARDEN: Sow seed 4 to 5 inches apart in a finely textured, well-worked garden bed in full sun once danger of frost is past. Cover 1/4 inch deep and keep moist as seedlings emerge. Thin to stand 12 inches apart when seedlings are large enough to handle.

GROWING NOTES: Asclepias needs excellent drainage and full sun, but no extra fertilizer except in very poor soil. Use for warm color in sunny borders where these plants are butterfly magnets. Bright Wings plants are also lovely in large patio planters. For longest lasting cut flowers, harvest either very early or late in the day only after two thirds of the florets are open. Do not sear stems in hot water (unlike other Asclepias varieties).

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