Peanut - Valencia

Peanut - Valencia
Peanut - Valencia
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(Arachis hypogaea) 110 days. A treasured heirloom that has been grown since before 1930, each pod contains from 2-5 red-skinned, mild, sweet kernels. A Valencia type, earlier than the Virginia strains. Superior for roasting or boiling.

Culture: Sow 1–2 in. deep, 6–12 in. apart, in rows 30–36 in. apart, thinning to 12 in. apart. If planting in hills, plant 3 nuts per hill, 10–12 in. apart in hills 2–3 ft. apart. Loose, well-drained soil is important for good germination, and a soil pH of 5–6 will give the best results. Plant a month after last frost once soil has warmed up. Peanuts transplant well, and can be started indoors 3–4 weeks before transplanting out. (Even when direct sowing, we find it useful to start a few seeds in pots for transplanting out to fill any gaps in the rows.) Peanuts are slow growing at first, so keep the seedlings well weeded. A useful technique is to inter-plant with a fast-maturing weed-suppressing crop (radishes, green onions, lettuce, cilantro) that will be harvested before the peanut plants grow large enough to need the space. These Peanuts require 110 days of hot weather and ample rainfall to yield a good crop. When plants are 12 in. high, hill them up with loose soil as you would with potatoes, and mulch between the rows.

Harvest: Harvest during a dry spell in October or right after a light frost. Dig vines and let them sun-dry for several days before pulling pods off. Cure indoors in a rodent-proof space for 2–3 weeks before storing. 

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