Salsify - Mammoth Sandwich Island

Salsify - Mammoth Sandwich Island
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Delicious in soups. 2 for 1; creamy oyster flavoured roots and succulent spring greens. Tastes like: Parsnip, potato, artichoke. Combining the sugary flavour of roast parsnips with a silky creaminess that is altogether a more rich dairy treat than root vegetables, this old-school Victorian favourite should be mandatory growing for any veggie gardner.

Infinitely easier to grow than carrots, parsnips or pretty much any other root veg, the plants are as generous as they are resilient, offering up a delicious side-line harvest of tender spring greens, followed by stunning (and edible) pink blossom in their second year. Sow: March-April. Harvest: September-October. 





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