Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange

Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange
Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange
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Tomato - Sungold ~ Orange Cherry Tomato - A Customer Favorite! Sungold's heavy yields of rich-tasting, juicy orange fruits consistently offer exceptional quality cherries with superb sweet tomato flavor. Indeterminate vines are vigorous, early to bear, crack-resistant and bred to resist both Fusarium and TMV. (approx. 18 seeds/pack)

STARTING SEEDS: In early spring, start indoors about 6 to 8 weeks before outdoor night temperatures are reliably in the 50-55°F (10-13°C) range. Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in a container of seed starting mix. Keep moist but not soggy, and very warm, 80°F (27°C). Provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant outside. When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant into individual 4 inch pots. Maintain at 70°F (21°C). Feed with half-strength fertilizer every 2 weeks until ready to plant. When nights reach 55°F (13°C), gradually acclimate to outdoor conditions. Plant these vigorous indeterminate climbers 3 feet apart into rich soil in full sun.

GROWING NOTES: Prepare soil well with aged manure or compost. Plant tomatoes several inches deeper than they were growing in containers. Provide strong stakes or tall wire cages at planting time as these plants grow tall with heavy fruit loads. Mulch to provide the even moisture tomato plants need to prevent cracking. Don’t overwater once fruit begins to ripen.

HARVEST AND USE: Pick fruits when fully orange colored; Sungold produces an abundance! Enjoy for sweet and nutritious snacks right out of the garden, in salads, or briefly sauté them in good olive oil until fruits begin to split, then sprinkle with fresh chopped chives or basil.

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