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Cape Gooseberry - Inca Berries
Delicious and ornamental. Individual berries wrapped in a Chinese lantern. The Incan delicacy that t..
Carrot - Purple Sun
These great-looking, plump dark Purple Carrots grow vigorously, combining wonderful rich color with ..
Cauliflower - Di Sicilia Violetta
Nutritious and intensely flavourful! Enjoy a fresh, home-grown purple cauliflower with a fine swee..
Lettuce - Tom Thumb
Dating back to 1830, this HEIRLOOM is the oldest American lettuce still in cultivation, which speaks..
Spinach - Perpetual - Beta vulgaris var cicla
Perpetual Spinach is not spinach, nor is it perpetual, but it does grow reliably for quite a long ti..
Strawberry - Red & White Alpine Mix
Red & White Alpine Strawbery Mix will liven up any fruit salad, muesli or trifle. Enjoy the sa..
Passion Flower - Passiflora Caerulea
The 2-4" exotic blooms of the Blue Passion Flower feature a circle of white petals overlaid in ..
Arugula Wild - Rocket  - Dragons Tongue
Wild Arugula or Rocket is the beautiful variety Dragons Tongue from Suttons Seeds. They have at..
Spinach - Reddy
Spinach Reddy. For baby or mature leaves! A versatile, easy-to-grow spinach boasting attra..
Bachelor Button - Blue Diadem
A ‘cottage garden’ favourite. Large, deep blue double flowers. Easy to grow and ideal fo..
Pepper - hot - Tobasco
(C. frutescens) This famous heirloom was introduced into Louisiana in 1848 and became the main ing..
Poppy - Iceland
Large 10 cm (4") wide flowers with wavy and fringed petals form in a multiple of colours atop f..
Purple Bell Vine - Rhodochiton atrosanguineum
This is a very rare hard to find seed! Extremely beautiful rapid growing climber that starts floweri..
Bells of Ireland
Interesting looking flower stems are composed of shells of green bells closely set around the centra..
Foxglove - Pam's Split, Digitalis
Spikes of large, neatly arranged, creamy-white flowers with burgundy blotches, and unusually cut low..
Nicotiana - Affinis - Ornamental Tobacco
Exquisite evening scent. Large, perfumed white flowers. Flowers like long trumpets, brightly co..
Poppy ~ Danish Flag
Large, fiery red flowers with a white cross and attractive gold stamens. Very attractive to bees and..
Poppy ~ Himalayan Blue (Meconopsis Betonicifolia)
This is a very hard to find, rare seed! Breathtaking flowers with delicate poppy petals of bright Ca..
Poppy~Lauren's Dark Grape, Papaver somniferum
(Papaver paeoniflorum & laciniatum) Absolutely stunning 4 to 5 inch chalice-shaped flowers with..
Sweet Pea - High Scent
One of the most beautifully scented sweet peas available! Attractive blush pink flowers with a deepe..
Sweet Pea - True Fragrance
Sutton Seeds own unique blend of the most strongly scented varieties, tested over a number of years ..
Zinnia - Faberge Mix
Robust, well-branched plants producing loads of flowers, whose outer petals form a corolla around th..
Spanish Flag - Mina lobata - Exotic Love Vine
Exotic combination of beautiful leaves and flowers. Enjoy watching Mina Lobata's blossoms c..
Sunflower - Tithonia, Torch - Mexican Sunflower
Tithonia Torch is a fiery orange flower excellent for cut flower arrangements or igniting your garde..
Kale - Scarlet Curly
Scarlet Curly Kale ~ aka Redbor.  Attractive and nutritious! Use in your veggie patch as well a..
Chinese Lantern - Physalis alkekengi
Chinese Lantern is prized for its unique orange seed pods--the brilliant orange-red paper-like husks..
Cathedral Bells - Cup & Saucer Vine MIx
A spectacular climber with bright green foliage, and rich purple and green bells with prominent stam..
Cosmos - Sea Shells Mix
Exquisite fluted petals in shades of crimson, rose and pink, together with white, make this an admir..
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