Kale & Cabbage Flowering

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Cabbage - Flowering - Fall Colour Mix
Looks like a miniature cabbage with the colour of kale. Stunning mix of wavy-leaved red and white types. Expect considerable variation in colour and leaf forms. Perfect for the fall and early winter garden. Try inter-planting with garden mums & ornamental kale.  How To Grow Seed can be started indoors in a soil-less mix 6 weeks early. Sow 12 mm (1/2") deep and keep the temperature around 20 C (70 F). Grow-on under lights at 14 C (58 F) until transplanting outside..
Kale - Flowering - Nagoya Mixed
This ornamental kale is an excellent choice for filling in barren spaces after summer flowers have bloomed and faded away. Nagoya has uniform plant habit and growth with a high degree of cold resistance that extends flowering well into the fall. This variety produces a colourful blend of white, red or rose coloured centres ringed with greenish-purple outers.  Leaves are tightly fringed. Hardy Biennial grown as an Annual. How To Grow Start seed 8 weeks early in a soil-less..
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