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Amberboa - Desert Star
Amberboa Desert Star is an open, airy plant whose fine stems are topped with flowers. Spectacular in large groups and ideal for cutting. Flowers July-September. Height 75cm (30"). Easy-to-grow plants providing attractive late-summer colour. HA - Hardy annual. Adds texture and late summer colour to the garden and makes a fantastic cut flower too. Flowers until first frosts. Ideal for beds and borders. Attractive to pollinators. Prefers full sun or partial shade. Sow the seed thin..
Blue False Indigo - Wild Blue Indigo
A bold and very ornamental eastern North American native that produces beautiful clusters of lupine-like blue flowers from May through June. A bumblebee favourite! This drought tolerant plant was once used to make blue dye. After the flowers, swollen charcoal black seed pods about 5 cm (2") long form on stems that are in demand for dried flower arrangments. Loose seeds in the pods rattle when shaken. Grows in full sun or partial shade in a rich, well-drained soil. Height 60-90 cm (2-3&..
Buddleia - Butterfly Magnet Mix
A magnet for butterflies! Aptly named, this gorgeous mixture of mauves, pinks and white will flower throughout the summer, attracting butterflies and bees. The flowers have a subtle, sweet, honey-like scent. Ideal for the back of a border or planted as a specimen plant. Tall plants that will provide years of pleasure. Flowers July-October. Height 2-2.5m (6'6"-8'). HP - Hardy perennial. Ideal for beds and borders. Suitable for cutting. Scented. Prefers full sun.  ..
Calendula - Pacific Beauty - Organic
An early and bright medley of single and double orange, gold, yellow and cream-colored flowers. Well-branched plants with tall, straight stems great for cutting, with continuous blooms all summer. Fresh edible petals are beautiful in salads and as cake decorations. Also known as pot marigold. Prefers cool conditions. 12-24" tall. Annual ..
Cerinthe - Pride of Gibraltar
(Cerinthe major atropurpurea) - Cerinthe, featured at Sissinghurst Castle in England, is actually a native of the Greek Islands. This hard to find annual is decidedly a favorite in plant lovers’ circles. These fascinating and unusually-colored plants have indigo-violet bells rimmed in white that dangle gracefully from bronzy-blue bracts above rounded gray-green leaves. They make a show-stopping color accent in the garden or as cut flowers for indoor arrangements.  Approx. 23 seed..
Cleome - Fireworks Mix
A stunning explosion of colour for your garden or vase. Cleome makes a perfect summer border plant as well as a lovely textural cut flower. An old favourite of the Victorians with a new vibrant twist! A great plant to keep unwanted visitors of your garden too as the stems have sharp spikes running up the stems- must be handled with care when cutting. Flowers July-September. Height 90-100cm. (36-40"). HHA - Half hardy annual.Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers, greenhouses...
Coleus - Black Dragon
Black Dragon has exotic serrated leaves which are a rare deep maroon-red fringed with purple-black. The best colour display is in bright, indirect light, however like all coleus, Black Dragon is tolerant of a fair amount of shade. Grow this coleus in pots or in the garden as an accent plant with bright green foliage plants.  Makes a stunning visual contrast when grown amongst lime green hostas. Mature height to 30 cm (12"). Annual. How To Grow Start in..
Cosmos - Cosimo Purple-Red-White
Stunning 5-7 cm (2-3") wide bicoloured flowers striped purple, red and white fill these dwarf, nicely compact 60 cm (24") high plants. Cosimo's flowers are highlighted by finely cut light green foliage.  This cosmos is an early bloomer that once it starts goes all summer long! A butterfly favourite. How To Grow It is preferable to direct seed cosmos in the garden although one can start them inside if desired 4 weeks before planting out. Choose a sunny site..
Cosmos - Sea Shells Mix
Exquisite fluted petals in shades of crimson, rose and pink, together with white, make this an admirable addition to any border. An economical choice to fill large borders. Big flowers in bright colours are attractively borne above pretty fern-like foliage. Annual. Height 90cm (3').Sow February-March inside for early flowers,or after June 1st outdoors for late summer flowering.Ideal for beds and borders. Drought resistant. Prefers full sun. ..
Evening Primrose - Ozark Sundrop
A serviceable ground cover rather than accent plant in the garden. Produces very showy, 7.5 cm (3") wide, poppy-like, lemon yellow flowers on compact plants. Plants are quite showy once established and will thrive in sunny hot areas with soil that is less than ideal. Establishment and persistence is enhanced in dry, well drained soils. Hardy to Zone 4. How To Grow Sow indoors in a soil-less mix in January through February, germinate at 20 C (70 F) for 14- 21 day..
Fairy Garden Mix
Equal Parts: Love in a Mist, California Poppies, Annual Phlox, Forget-Me-Nots, Alyssum Renee's EXCLUSIVE – Everyone knows that fairies adore flowers! Here is a beautiful mix of low growing, delicate, annual flowers in soft colors so you can easily plant your own little garden where fairies can frolic and delight the imagination. It is sure to attract these special magical beings and the sense of beauty, whimsy and enchantment they represent. These flowers are all easy and reliable for..
Four O'Clocks - Scented Peach Sunset
(Mirabilis jalapa) EXCLUSIVE – Fragrant Four O’Clocks bloom in the afternoons and early evenings at midsummer, releasing a soft jasmine fragrance that floats on summer breezes. This special variety is from the Czech Republic and offers home gardeners starry, 2 inch trumpet-shaped blossoms in a shade matching the color of perfectly ripe peaches. Plant these lovely easy-to-grow, branching flowers where you sit or walk to enjoy their delicious perfume just when other flowers begin to..
Gaura - The Bride
Elegant powder pink buds that open up into pretty white flowers, covering slender flower spikes. The perfect middle/back of border plant adding both form and elegance as well as harmony to any border. Makes a lovely cut flower for the home and as a filler in boquets. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers May-October. Height 91-100cm (36-40"). TP - Tender perennial, often grown as an annual.Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers, greenhouse. Prefers full sun or partial sha..
Gourd - Crafter's Grourds - Bottles,Dippers & Bowls
(Lagenaria siceraria) EXCLUSIVE - Here are the best large smooth gourds to grace the garden and carve into beautiful vessels and ornaments. Corsican’s flattened, round shape is perfect for decorated containers; Birdhouse’s hourglass form makes perfect garden homes for Purple Martins and other birds; Dippers have long handles and graceful bowls. Gourds grow effortlessly on beautiful long vines to trellis or let sprawl at garden edges. Maturity approx. 135 days. Seeds are color c..
Gourd - Wings & Warts Mix
(Cucurbita pepo) Our whimsical Wings and Warts gourds are fun and easy-to-grow from seed. The 5-6 inch gourds come either smooth-skinned with unique winged bulbs, or warted and shaped like spoons, pears or globes and come in artful combinations of harvest colors. You'll have an abundance of gourds in shades of orange, gold, buff, green and cream. Wings and Warts are perfect long-lasting decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. These quirky gourds are ideal for growing with kids of all ag..
Hollyhock - Apricot-Peach Parfait
(Alcea rosea) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Bred in England for form and color, the tall spikes of these classic cottage garden flowers are packed with powder puff blossoms in delicious shades of apricot and rosy-peach. The big, 3 to 4 inch frilly blossoms unfurl along sturdy tall 5 to 7 foot stalks. Long-lasting Apricot-Peach Parfait is perfect to screen a wall or fence and creates a stunning tall garden accent. These beautiful double hollyhocks in luscious colors will be a focal point in every gard..
Hollyhock - Indian Springs - Old Fashioned
(Alcea rosea) This graceful antique strain of hollyhocks is the perfect backdrop for any country-style garden, providing nostalgic memories for many and old-fashioned beauty for all. The tall stems bear mostly single blossoms in classic hollyhock colors of deep rose, pink, salmon-pink, and white. Grow Indian Spring as a screen along a wall or fence and watch the towering spires of pointed green buds slowly unfurl to reveal 4-inch chalice-shaped flowers – the dancing gowns of garden fa..
Lupine - Gallery Mix
A superb selection bearing robust spikes in a range of bright shades. Sow early spring for first year flowering. Traditional cottage garden favourite. Ornamental foliage and stems of closely packed small flowers in early summer. Handsome border plants. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. HP - Hardy perennial. Height 50cm (20"). Ideal for beds and borders. Prefers full sun or partial shade.Sow March-June inside or direct sow outdoors for flowers May-July the following year. 54 Seeds/pack...
Morning Glory - Glacier Star
(Ipomoea tricolor) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Free-flowering Glacier Star is a reselected, antique cultivar whose dazzling blossoms are translucent baby blue overlaid with dark cerulean blue starred throats. This enchanting blue bicolor opens new flared 4-inch trumpet flowers each morning starting from midsummer. Glacier Star’s strong and sturdy vines of heart-shaped leaves twine effortlessly to cloak a gate, fence or trellis where they unfurl their skirts of beautiful blooms, creating a tra..
Morning Glory - Mailbox Mix
(Ipomoea tricolor) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our heirloom blend combines flowers of deep, rich Heavenly Blue and Pearly Gates white that open fresh each morning. Although each individual bloom lasts only one day, new flowers unfurl continuously and buds continue opening over a week in a vase. Seeds like these were carried across the prairies by pioneer families, transplanting a bit of home to far-flung homesteads. Traditionally, these old-fashioned climbing vines with heart shaped leaves and glow..
Morning Glory - Scarlet O'Hara
(Ipomoea nil) Scarlett O’Hara unfurls her true glory from midsummer until frost in daily displays of brilliant, scarlet trumpets with dainty white throats that offer welcome nectar to visiting hummingbirds. The rich green leaves make a lovely backdrop for the radiant color of the 4 inch fluted blooms. Enjoy the charm of these old-fashioned bright beauties twining up a trellis or arbor.  Approx. 58 seeds/pack. Mature height 8-10 feet. ANNUAL VINE: Summer/fall bloom, Frost tend..
Nasturtium - Alaska Mix, Tropaeolum majus
(Tropaeolum majus) These charming variegated nasturtiums have lovely lily-pad leaves whose cream and green striped markings make a wonderful color accent in the garden. The highly ornamental foliage is covered with pert, spurred flowers in bright gold, cheery orange, rich mahogany and salmon. Softly mounding, compact Alaska is an especially striking edging for flowerbeds or borders to contrast with green leaved plants. An attractive choice for showy patio containers, hanging baskets and windo..
Nasturtium - Aloha Mix, Tropaeolum majus
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Aloha Mix is blend of soft tropical shades including apricot, cream, soft yellow and rose. These pretty blossoms atop lily pad-shaped leaves make a lovely garden tapestry. Aloha Mix grows readily in pots or window boxes, or plant in garden beds to softly drape and cover bare spots or fill in borders. Both flowers and leaves of nasturtiums are edible with a spicy flavor like watercress. They make tasty additions to salads or sandwiches. Approx. 43 seeds/pack. Mature h..
Nasturtium - Buttercream, Tropaeolum majus
(Tropaeolum majus) The lovely semi-double blossoms of this tropical-looking pastel variety seem to float over the pretty rounded green leaves that remind us of water lilies. Buttercream nasturtiums grow into a softly mounding form that drapes gracefully to fill in garden beds and borders. They are especially lush looking in window boxes and containers. The abundant creamy blossoms and deep green leaves make tasty edible garnishes. A customer favorite for many decades. Approx. 43 seeds/pack. Mat..
Poached Egg Plant - Limnanthes Douglasii
A popular and easy-to-grow plant with bright green foliage, and aptly named vibrant yellow and white flowers. Attractive to bees. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers June-September. HA - Hardy annual. Height 15cm (6"). Ideal for beds and borders. Attractive to butterflies. Prefers full sun. Sow the seed thinly direct onto finely raked, moist, warm soil where the plants are to flower, raking the seed into the top 3mm (1⁄8") of soil. Germination 14-21 days. Thin see..
Portulaca Seeds - Lazy Daze Mix
British-bred plants in a great mix of colours. Low-growing, succulent-leaved, drought-tolerant plants that make superb ground cover. Height 15-22cm (6-9"). Annual. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun. Sow February-May inside, flowers June-October. Drought tolerant.  ..
Rose - Garden Party 'Fairy Rose'
Delicately scented miniature roses. Lovely double and semi-double flowers in shades of pale pink and rose. Height 25cm (10"). HP - Hardy perennial. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun. Quick and easy to grow from seed! Sow February-July inside, flowers June-September/March-May (year 2). ..
Rudbeckia - Cappuccio
(Rudbeckia hirta) Irresistible Cappuccino received the prestigious Fleuroselect award in Europe for beauty, productivity and top garden performance and we are proud to offer it here. These vigorous perennials produce gorgeous big flower faces in their first season with an array of beautiful bicolors in shades of red and yellow, warm mahogany, rich auburn and golden yellow. Sturdy and sun-loving, Cappuccino is both heat and drought tolerant. Butterflies adore the bright blossoms and they make lo..
Salvia - Bee Heaven - Container Pollinator
(Salvia coccinea) Renee's EXCLUSIVE – Our new variety is compact and earlier blooming than other salvias, with clouds of nectar-rich, blossoms in a mix of white, soft pink and rose-red. Hummingbirds, butterflies and other pollinators flock to these blossoms from dawn to dusk, and sprays of these charming flowers are lovely in mixed bouquets. Bee Heaven grows readily in a wide range of conditions and blooms continuously throughout summer. Ideal for containers or as easy-care, free-fl..
Sweet Pea - Colour Palette Cupid, Lathyrus odoratus
Color Palette Cupid is a lovely color mix of fragrant bush sweet peas perfect to grow in outdoor containers to decorate your patio, deck or any small space garden area. These diminutive vines grow just eight to 10 inches tall, then the sweetly scented big flowers bloom happily on softly cascading branches. Fill up your containers with this special blend of all the Cupid colors. You’ll have plants with blossoms in rose-pink and white, soft lavender, shell pink, and deep purple. Approx. 43 s..
Viola - Grandma’s Johnny Jump Ups
(Viola tricolor) Also known as Heart’s Ease, these dainty little flowers look like jaunty miniature pansies with pretty flower faces of deep violet, mauve, yellow and white. Johnny Jump Ups are both weather tolerant and long blooming and are good container and edging plants and are lovely planted in spring bulb beds. Johnny Jump Ups blossoms are edible with a mild wintergreen flavor and make tasty garnishes and decorations. These sweet flowers self sow readily and will enhance every garde..
Zinnia - Canada 150
Canada 150 Birthday Zinnias Renee's EXCLUSIVE – They created this special birthday blend to honor Canada's 150th anniversary. Grow the Canadian colors with fully double, luscious big flowers that bloom strongly on vigorous, branching 3-3 1/2 foot tall plants. These beautiful and long-lasting red and white blossoms are guaranteed to attract native pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Enjoy celebrating all season long with centerpiece bouquets of t..
Zinnia - Cut & Come Again - Heirloom
(Zinnia pumila) This beloved, old fashioned zinnia got its name because the sturdy, vigorous plants bear continuously for months, providing armfuls of sweet, candy-bright flowers to enjoy both indoors and out. Cut and Come Again blooms in a wonderful color range that includes cream, salmon, rose pink, scarlet, butter yellow, magenta, crimson and cheerful orange. The vibrant, many-petaled 2 to 3 inch blooms come in double, single and semi-double flower forms with centers that open into a circle ..
Zinnia - Green Envy- Heirloom
Green Envy belongs in every flower arranger’s garden! Its unusual vivid chartreuse color sets off brighter summer flowers with style and pizzazz and harmonizes equally well with soft pastels. We had our Dutch growers specially select this semi-double Envy seed for best flower form and color. Easy to grow and quick to bloom, zinnias give more flowers with less effort than other summer annuals, so you can enjoy eye-catching bouquets all summer long.  Mature height 3-3.5 feet. TO ..
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