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Aster - Giant Crego Mixed
Also known as Ostrich Feathers because of the loose, gracefully curled arrangement of the petals. Fragrant, immense double flowers averaging 10-15 cm (4-6") in size are perched on top of sturdy 60 cm (2') high stems. Colours include white, pink, crimson, salmon-rose, blue and purple. A reliable old favourite that is not invasive. A superb cutflower that can be used in beds, borders or containers in sites with full sun to partial shade. How To Grow Sow seed d..
Aster - New England
This Ontario native is irresistible to songbirds, pollinators and butterflies. Its showy violet-purple blooms with the yellow-orange eyes appear from mid August through to deep October. Enjoys full sun but will also grow in partial shade and is most often found in open fields, fence rows, forest borders and meadows. Plants range from 60-90 cm (2-3') in height. Often during flowering, lower leaves on the stem shrivel and dry up - this is common and nothing to be alarmed about. ..
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