Sweet Pea

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Sweet Pea - Amethyst & Orchids
Flowers resemble the exotic coloured blooms of orchids, in shades of purple, pale pink and amethyst, waved petals in single and bi-colours. Sophisticated and regal, Spencer type blooms.       ..
Sweet Pea - Perfume Delight
(Lathyrus odoratus) EXCLUSIVE - The best sweet pea choice for hot summer areas, Perfume Delight is a lovely color mix of intensely fragrant and heat tolerant antique sweet pea varieties. The seductively scented winged flowers bloom abundantly on tall climbing vines in a rich blend of rose, pale pink, lavender, deep purple, crimson and white with many unique bicolors. Their color and fragrance will fill your garden each spring, and a bouquet of their nostalgic orange and honeyed sweetness softly..
Sweet Pea - Royal Blue
  The Royal Family Series is an improvement over the Cuthburtson varieties. This climber is heat resistant, has strong stems, very vigorous growth and large flowers. ..
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