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Herb - Parsley - Peinoe Flat Italian Large Leaf - Organic
Vigorous, high-yielding flat leaf with intermediate DM (Downy Mildew) resistance! A Gigante D'Italia type with extra large, dark green glossy leaves and mild, sweet flavor. Plants are highly uniform and early to mature with thick, sturdy stems. High yielding with strong re-growth suitable for containers, fresh market bunching or processing. Performs best with selective cutting rather than harvesting of the entire plant. 16M seeds/oz. Bolt tolerant, Its culinary uses include salads, soups,..
Herb - Parsley Root - Hamburg
Heirloom. The slender 15 cm (6") parsnip-like roots have a delicate parsley taste and are great for flavouring soups and stews. This variety stores very well through the winter. A great dual purpose plant as the coarse leaves contribute a parsley flavour and can be used as a garnish. Soaking seeds in water over-night improves germination. Parsley is widely used as a pest control plant in gardens as it attracts beneficial insects. How To Grow Germination is hastened by fir..
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