Squash - Winter

Inspite of their name, winter squash (and pumpkins) are a warm weather crop, but called winter because they can be stored well into and through the winter.

The difference between winter squash and pumpkins is more culinary than botanical; winter squash have a finer texture and milder flavor, pumpkins have a somewhat coarse, stronger flavor and are generally orange in color.

A squash/pumpkin vine can set several fruit before ripening all at the same time.

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Squash - Winter - Blue Magic Baby Hubbard
A unique, Miniature Blue Hubbard squash weighing 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) with the same great taste, fine grained flesh and blue-grey rind colour of its larger cousin.  Vigorous semi-vining plants produce a good harvest.  This is a perfect variety for todays' smaller families or for those people who love the taste of hubbard squash but don't want to eat it every night of the week! Maturity 100 days. How To Grow Squash are a hot weather crop. They need full sun and dee..
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