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Inspite of their name, winter squash (and pumpkins) are a warm weather crop, but called winter because they can be stored well into and through the winter.

The difference between winter squash and pumpkins is more culinary than botanical; winter squash have a finer texture and milder flavor, pumpkins have a somewhat coarse, stronger flavor and are generally orange in color.

A squash/pumpkin vine can set several fruit before ripening all at the same time.

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Pumpkin - New England Pie - Organic
Classic pie pumpkin with dry, stringless flesh and superior thick consistency in pies. Attractive fruits have dark orange skin with light ribbing and well attached handles. Delicious flesh is not quite as sweet as Baby Pam but has better texture. Stores well · 4-6 lb fruit (Cucurbita pepo). Maturity 105 days. ..
Squash - Winter - Blue Magic Baby Hubbard
A unique, Miniature Blue Hubbard squash weighing 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) with the same great taste, fine grained flesh and blue-grey rind colour of its larger cousin.  Vigorous semi-vining plants produce a good harvest.  This is a perfect variety for todays' smaller families or for those people who love the taste of hubbard squash but don't want to eat it every night of the week! Maturity 100 days. How To Grow Squash are a hot weather crop. They need full sun and dee..
Squash - Winter - Burgess Buttercup - Organic
Dark green fruits with golden orange, stringless flesh and sweet, rich flavor A long-time New England favorite! Typically produces 10-12 fruits per plant, with vines reaching 15’ long. Our improved strain has a high percentage of clean, non-warty, and uniform squash. Fruits have a gray button on the blossom end. Uniform fruits • Large, prolific vines • 3-5 lbs. (Cucurbita maxima). Maturity 95 days. ..
Squash - Winter - Delicata - Organic
Superbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata. The only winter squash that can be eaten with skin on, after baking or boiling. Our strain has been selected since 2001 for uniformity of size, shape and color as well as yield of sweet, soft-shelled fruit. Uniform fruit • 1-1.5 lbs. (Cucurbita pepo). Maturity 95 days.   ..
Squash - Winter - Honey Nut Butternut - Organic
Adorable serving-sized mini butternut with dark tan skin and great sweet flavor. Simply cut in half and bake! Smaller than Waltham Butternut with more uniform butternut shape. Good field resistance to Powdery Mildew. Green unripe fruits; early planting is recommended for tan color. Developed by Cornell’s Vegetable Breeding Institute. Stores well • Mini 4-5” fruit. (Cucurbita moschata). Maturity 100 days.   ..
Squash - Winter - Long Island Cheese - Organic
Heirloom Vegetable. An old Long Island variety grown since the early 1800s. Smooth, flattened, heavily ribbed, tan colour fruits with deep orange, sweet, butternut-like flesh. Weigh on average 3-5kg (6.5-11lbs). Stores well and is excellent for baking or pie making.       ..
Squash - Winter - Red Kuri - Organic
Red Kuri Winter Squash (C. Maxima) Organic. Orange-red, teardrop-shaped squash have a sweet flavour and smooth, dry flesh. Plants produce 2-3 kg. fruit that ripen even in short season gardens. Has lots of eye appeal and is great for market. Also known as Baby Red Hubbard or Orange Hokkaido. Very high in beta-carotene. 95 days to Maturity.   ..
Squash - Winter - Table Queen Acorn - Organic
Very popular, vigorous acorn variety with prolific yields of delicious fruit. Flesh is thick and light orange with excellent flavor. Very vigorous and prolific, can withstand poor soil conditions and keeps very well. Not as uniform or well-shaped as Sweet REBA, but higher overall gross yields. Compact 3-4’ vines. Stores well • Bush habit • 1.5-2 lbs. (Cucurbita pepo). Maturity 92 days. ..
Squash - Winter - Waltham Butternut - Organic
By far the most widely-grown open pollinated Butternut with delicious, finely textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits with smooth, tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. Our strain has been selected for uniformity of size, shape and yields. Excellent keeper if cured properly. Stores well • Vining • Uniform, 4-5 lb fruits. (Cucurbita moschata). Maturity 105 days. ..
Winter - Squash - Kabocha - Kurin
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – We think that our Kurin Kabocha is the most scrumptious of all long-keeping winter squash. Kurin’s intensely orange flesh has a moist, fluffy texture and truly outstanding nutty-sweet, buttery flavor. Besides being absolutely delicious, kabochas are chock full of natural vitamin A, antioxidants and phytonutrients. These beauties are a breeze to grow; you can even easily train them up a trellis. Once harvested, the squashes will keep for months. Maturity 95 day..
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