Squash - Summer - Zucchini

Summers Squash. Summer because they are eaten early in an immature state. 

There are many varieties of summer squash or squash that are consumed in a small and immature condition.

They are generally divided into four groups; crookneck, straightneck, scallop and zucchini.

Harvest all summer squash while they are young and immature. They are sweetest when young and begin turning bitter as they develop seeds. Pick them just as the blossom ends turn brown; crooknecks when they are 4 to 6 inches long, straightnecks when they are 5 to 6 inches long, scallops when they are 2 to 3 inches across and zucchini when they are 4 to 6 inches long. No matter how carefully you watch, an occasional squash will hide under a leaf and grow too large for normal cooking methods.

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Squash - Summer - Astia - Container Zucchini
EXCLUSIVE - Astia is a well-bred French bush zucchini variety, developed especially for container growing and planting in small space gardens. These non rambling, compact squash vines are also highly ornamental with big silvery-green, deeply indented leaves. Early bearing and productive, Astia bears abundant zucchini near the base of the plant where they are easy to harvest. These uniformly smooth, lustrous, glossy-green zucchini have excellent flavor and are delicious whether roasted, saut&eacu..
Squash - Summer - Benning's Green Tint Patty Pan - Organic
Easy-to-grow pale green fruits that mature to a creamy white. Bushy plants provide good yields of saucer-shaped fruits with scalloped edges. No formally noted virus resistance, but has shown field resistance in our trials. Patty pan-type • Bushy habit • Harvest at 2-3” diameter. (Cucurbita pepo). Maturity 52 days. Heirloom       ..
Squash - Summer - Scallop Trio/Patty Pan Trio
Summer Scallop Patty Pan Trio : Sunburst - Yellow, Peter Pan - Light Green, Starship - Dark Green. Color-coded seeds for 3 different pattypan squashes (Sunburst, Peter Pan and Starship Plant some of each seed for the trio mix and enjoy gourmet summer squash all summer. Pick small for eating whole or a little bigger to stuff. Don't forget to stuff and fry some squash blossoms as well. ** Don't water squash in the morning as that is when they get pol..
Squash - Summer - Success PM Straightneck - Organic
Prolific, disease-resistant plants with smooth, uniform, and attractive fruit. A breakthrough in OP summer squash, high yielding in our trials, with over three months of abundant, disease-free harvest. Released by High Mowing Organic Seeds and Cornell Universities Vegetable Breeding Institute. Uniform shape • Harvest at 6-7”. (Cucurbita pepo) Maturity 50 days. Maturity 45 Days   ..
Squash - Summer - Trombetta Italian Climbing
This wonderful Italian heirloom summer squash is a vigorous climbing vine, producing many 12 to 15 inch, lime-green fruits with a curvaceous trumpet shape and a delicate mild taste with a hint of nutty artichoke flavor. Trombetta’s flesh is seedless and firm and doesn’t get watery or mushy like regular zucchini. The rambling plants will soon cover a trellis, fence or stakes with graceful fruits that hang like jade ornaments cloaked in a lush canopy of big, heart-shaped leaves.‚Äč ..
Squash - Summer - Zucchini Dark Green - Organic
Vigorous variety produces good yields of straight, smooth marketable fruits. An open-pollinated variety best suited to the home garden, with abundant yields of lightly mottled dark green fruits. Pale greenish-white, firm flesh. Bush habit • Harvest at 6-8”. (Cucurbita pepo). Maturity 50 days.       ..
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