Spinach (Spinacia oleracea). Spinach is a cool weather crop, so sow spinach seed in late winter or very early spring for a spring crop, or early fall for a fall to winter crop. Growing spinach needs rich soil, enriched with compost.





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Spinach - Butterflay - Organic
Productive variety sporting very large, glossy, dark green leaves with rich flavor. Butterflay stole the show among the hybrid and OP spinach varieties in High Mowing Organic Seeds trials, exhibiting better vigor and emergence than its neighbors, as well as unmatched intense green color. Spring/fall/winter crop • Slow to bolt. (Spinacia oleracea). Maturity 45 days.     ..
Spinach - Giant Winter - Organic
Dark green, glossy leaves are savoyed and selected for cold hardiness. High yielding variety recommended for fall crops, winter greenhouse production or overwintering outdoors under mulch. Specifically developed for overwintering for a spring crop. Fall/winter crop • Baby or full size leaves. (Spinacia oleracea). Maturity 50 days.     ..
Spinach - Malabar Climbing
A gorgeous combination of dark green leaves and burgundy vines and buds sets this wonderful variety apart from the crowd. An attaractive alternative for traditional spinach in your summer garden. Malabar spinach (Basella ruba) is actually not spinach at all. It's not even related! Well, OK, it's distantly related, but it doesn't taste much like spinach at all. When it's raw Malabar spinach has very fleshy, thick leaves that are juicy and crisp with tastes of citrus and pepper...
Spinach - New Zealand
This spinach-like plant thrives in hot dry weather. Interestingly, it is a native of Australia and "non-endemic" wild species in New Zealand. Cultivated in European and North American gardens for about the last 100 years. Our heirloom variety is not significantly different than the wild plant. Small but broad pointed leaves develop on large, spreading plants - tender leafy shoots. Tolerant of salty soils. Due to low to medium levels of oxalates in the leaves, we recommend blanching the..
Spinach - Perpetual - Beta vulgaris var cicla
Perpetual Spinach is not spinach, nor is it perpetual, but it does grow reliably for quite a long time in the garden! This old heirloom (1790) is, in fact a relative of chard. You rarely see it in the shops because it ideally needs to be picked soon before eating. The leaves are shiny green with white midribs. The steamed stalks taste something like mild asparagus.  'Perpetual Spinach Leaf Beet' also known as 'Spinach Beet' Chard, responds particularly well to repeat cut..
Spinach - Reddy
Spinach Reddy. For baby or mature leaves! A versatile, easy-to-grow spinach boasting attractive and sweet-tasting red-veined and red-stemmed leaves. Culture:Crops continuously if picked often. Sow March-May outdoors and thin out early for use in summer and autumn. 4-14 weeks maturity. Use thinnings as 'baby' leaves. (approx. 280 seeds.pack)   ..
Spinach - Regiment - Organic
Vigorous plants pack on the weight, producing healthy bunches in no time. Very quick growing arrow-shaped, semi-savoyed leaves with a bright-eyed medium green finish. Excellent texture and mild flavor. Works well in all seasonal slots. Very high yielding. Good resistance to bolting and Downy Mildew. Giant leaf-type • Resists bolting. (Spinacia oleracea). Maturity 37 days. ..
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