(Brassica oleracea) Kale may be the hardiest of the cabbage kin. It excels in cold weather, tasting best after frost has kissed the tender, succulent leaves, and making moderate growth whenever there is even a slight warm spell. Start in containers indoors or direct seed in the garden in late June. May also be sown indoors for early spring planting. Kale thrives in rich soil, heavy on organic matter, and moistureretentive but well drained.

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Kale - Lacinato - Italian Nero - Dinosaur - Organic
Lacinato, Italian Nero or Dinosaur - Organic. Whatever you call it it's Amazing! This unique heirloom's thick, crinkled leaves are a deep blue-green and an absolute standout in the garden. Sweet flavor, never strong or overbearing. Cold and heat tolerant in all zones. Maturity 48 Days     ..
Kale - Portuguese, Tronchuda Beira
Portuguese Kale ~ Tronchuda Beira (approx 80 seeds/pack).  Tender, sweet, and much more heat tolerant than any other kale, this delicious specialty has a wonderful mild but rich flavor and easy culture. 18 inch tall heads of paddle-shaped, blue-green leaves. ..
Kale - Scarlet Curly - Organic
Scarlet Curly Kale.  Attractive and nutritious! Use in your veggie patch as well as your garden beds. Try these deeply curled, crimson/purple leaves in salads, cooked or as an ingredient in soups. The colour, flavour and texture is outstanding! Recommended for freezing. Culture: Sow April-May outdoors. (28-32 weeks maturity.)     ..
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