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Arugula - Astro - Organic
The commercial standard with long, green leaves and characteristic mildly spicy flavor. Germinates quickly and tolerates cold and hot temperatures well. Our strain has a mix of “cut” and “strap” leaf shapes when grown as baby leaf. Performs well as a cut-and-come-again crop. Heat and cold-tolerant. (Eruca vesicaria var. sativa.).Days to maturity: 21 days baby, 40 full size. Pretty edible blossoms attract pollinators.    ..
Arugula - Wasabi
(Diplotaxis erucoides) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - A unique wild arugula, Wasabi’s leaves taste just like the complex, spicy flavor of freshly made wasabi paste. These delicious little plants grow quickly and easily, forming pretty leafy rosettes. More weather tolerant than other varieties, you can harvest whole plants or pick individual piquant leaves for zesty accents to everyday meals. When plants send up flower stalks, the little white blossoms are edible; use both leaves and flowers in s..
Arugula, Sylvetta Wild, Organic
Sylvetta Wild Arugula is an Italian heirloom. It forms rosettes of deeply indented leaves with a piquant, tangy flavor. Great in salads, pizza or pasta. Lasts longer than common arugula. Ours has been comming back for years! When it looks woody cut the entire plant down and it will send up new growth. Pretty edible yellow blossoms are great to eat and great for pollinators.     ..
Collards - Georgia - Organic
Top producer of tender, mild flavored greens with reliable, heavy yields. Long, loosely held leaves are dark green with stark white midribs. Smoother leaves, whiter midribs, shorter internodes and larger habit than Champion. Thrives where it's too hot for other cole crops. Old-time favorite introduced before 1880; variable leaf shape. 36" tall plants. Maturity 70 days. Heirloom. Heat tolerant. . ..
Endive/Chicory - Witloof di Bruxelles
We offer a select strain of "Witloof" or Belgian endive. This chicory is planted in the garden in spring, then dug and forced to grow in a cool, dark place, to make the delicious "Chicon heads" that command high prices at market. Very Tasty. How To Grow 500 seeds/gram Sow seed in early spring. In autumn when the foliage dies back, lift the roots keeping only those that are at least 3 cm (1 1/2") in diameter at the top. Cut off the foliage leaving a 1..
Herb - Sorrel - Organic
A hardy perennial, Sorrel has a lemony spinach flavor. One of the earliest spring greens to add to salads. When your sorrel plant gets woody cut it right back to the ground and it will re-grow! Maturity 60 Days. ..
Mache - Lambs Lettuce - Corn Salad
(Valerianella locusta) Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Mild, nutty-flavored mâche (a.k.a. lamb’s lettuce or corn salad) is a delicious traditional salad with oval leaves that form pretty, fist-sized green rosettes with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Cold-hardy mâche is sown in summer for fall harvest or early spring for the first salads of the season. Gala is vigorous, cold-tolerant and mildew-resistant with a delicate texture and buttery flavor. This succulent gourmet salad tr..
Radicchio - Rossa Di Treviso
A famous radicchio or Chicory from Treviso, Italy. We offer an improved selection. Makes a long slender bunch of leaves, turns deep brilliant red in cool weather. A must for all colorful and tasty salads!     ..
Tat Soi - Organic
Fast growing spoon-shaped leaves are dark green and glossy with narrow white stems. Most popular as a baby leaf for salad and braising mixes, or bunch at full size. Mild flavor and tender texture. At full size leaves form a rosette that sits close to the ground. Versatile. Heat tolerant. Maturity 25 days baby, 45 days full size. ..
Watercress - English - nasturtium officinalis
(Nasturtium officinale) Add a crunchy, zesty flavor like no other to green salads, omelets, ripe tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and sandwiches with your own patch of fresh watercress. Once savored fresh from the garden, you won’t want to be without its sharp clean flavor. This healthy (high in Vitamins A & C), sprightly herb usually grows near running water, but its pretty rosettes of leafy stems will grow handily if you use our vigorous Dutch seed and keep plants very moist.  Approx..
Yukina Savoy - Organic
This delicious Asian green is a heat tolerant alternative to Tat Soi. Forest green, spoon-shaped leaves with very mild flavor are cupped and heavily savoyed. Upright architecture for easy harvesting. Slow to bolt. Heat tolerant. Mild flavor. Maturity 21 days baby, 45 days full size. ..
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