Cucumbers, cultivated in India and Egypt for over 3000 years, were introduced to Northern Europe by the Greco-Roman culture. All Cucumbers seem to have originated in southern Asia and Africa.

Cucurbits are tender, hungry, sun lovers who like to keep their feet in warm soil with ample moisture and good drainage.

Pick a sunny location. Plant cucurbits in hills, drills, or mounds. cucurbits need at least eight hours of full sun each day.

Give them a lot of room, horizontal or vertical, for their usually sprawling nature. Cucumbers grown vertically will be straighter!

They are not fussy about their soil, but, prefer a well drained sandy loam soil enriched with compost. Cucurbits have hearty appetites and love a deep mulch of compost.

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Cucumber - Homemade Pickles - Organic
Homemade Pickles is a great pickling cucumber. These vigorous, disease-resistant plants produce baskets full of perfectly shaped, bright green cukes with crisp and flavourful flesh. Pick at 4 cm. for tiny pickles and up to 15 cm for large dills.  Use them to make tiny French cornichons or big garlic dills. Heirloom. Maturity 55 Days How To Grow Cucumbers grow best in a wind-sheltered site with rich, warm sandy loam. Sow seed when the danger o..
Cucumber - Mexican Mouse Melon aka: Cucamelon
Cucamelon AKA mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Mexican miniature watermelon & Mexican sour cucumber. These tiny watermelons lookalikes have a refreshing flavour and bags of personality. Their lush vines will produce masses of fruit throughout the summer with a ‘cucumber and lime’ taste. They are ready when they are grape-sized and still firm to the touch. Easy to grow. Vigorous climber/trailer. Pest and drought resistant. Origin: Mexico.  These tiny ..
Cucumber - Straight Eight
Straight Eight was an all-America winner for 1935! Smooth, straight, deep green 8-inch fruits with rounded blunt ends. Early, vigorous and prolific; tolerates mosaic virus. A superb heirloom variety that has stood the test of time. Best picked when 8". Maturity 52 Days How To Grow Cucumbers grow best in a rich, warm, sandy loam soil. Before planting, work into the native soil 30 cm (12") deep large amounts of garden compost or composted manure. A..
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