(B. oleracea) Cabbage does best in a long season of mild weather, but it is also very hardy and may be grown to mature in the cool weather of late autumn. Spring plantings are best started indoors and transplanted out about the time of last frost; summer plantings may be seeded right in the garden. We recommend early varieties for spring planting, longer-season, large-heading varieties for a fall crop.

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Cabbage -  Golden Acre - Organic
Super early, adorable green heads on compact plants; perfect for smaller households! This cute OP impressed us (High Mowing Organic Seeds) in our 2015 trials with its small stature and high percentage of marketable heads. Round and solid, with delicate but crunchy texture and sweet, spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. Habit suitable for dense plantings. Compact habit 3-4 lb heads ..
Cabbage -  Red Express - Organic
A perfect open-pollinated variety for our Canadian climate that forms up quickly to convenient 1-1.8 kg (2.2-4 lb) head. Red Express has an eye-pleasing uniform colour with very tight leaf formation. This is a very early cabbage variety that is ideal for smaller gardens. 62 days to Maturity. ..
Cabbage - Caraflex - Organic
Green sweetheart for fresh and gourmet markets. Prized for its unusual cone-shaped heads and thin, sweet leaves that are delicious eaten raw or in stir-fries, slaws or egg rolls. Extremely uniform with good wrapper leaves for insect and sun protection.Fresh market · Stores 10 weeks · 1.5-2 lb heads (Brassica oleracea). Maturity 68 days. ..
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