Edamame -- unripened green soybeans fresh from the pod -- are among the few plant-based foods that supply complete protein.

From the Japanese for “beans on branches,” edamame have long been a staple in Japanese cuisine but were largely unfamiliar to American consumers until the closing decades of the 20th century.

Boiled or steamed in their pods and then shelled, edamame make a tasty vegetable side dish; when dried, they’re a healthy and crunchy snack.

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Soybean - Sayamusume - Edamame
Fresh Edamame's flavor is nutty, buttery and irresistible. These widely adapted bush plants offer consistent high yields of large pods with 3 to 4 delicious beans per pod. (approx. 36 seeds/pack) Here in Ontario we are in Soy Bean Country! Farmers have huge yeilds but they are 99.99% Genetically Modified crops, which, to me are garbage, dangerous & one of the Mono-Culture crops which is leading to the demise of the BEE. (rant over) Now you can easily grow your own Soy Beans ak..
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