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Broccoli - Cauliflower ~ Romanesco White & Green Mix
A mix of romanesco type cauliflowers, with beautifully shaped and deliciously appetising light green and white curds. The evenly-shaped cauliflower heads are good sized and very solid - perfect for that Sunday lunch or eaten raw with dips. Harvest September-November. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Grows well in sun or shade. HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamin C. Ideal for slimmers as it's low in calories! CULINARY TIPS: Delicious with a cheese sauce.&nbs..
Bush Bean - Dragon Langerie  - Organic
Unique purple-streaked white pods, also known as Dragon's Tongue. Popular for eating fresh as a snap bean with super flavor and crispness - a clear winner in our taste tests. Streaks fade when cooked. Versatile variety also makes a great shelling bean or dry bean. Purple seeds. Versatile · 6-8" flat pods (Phaseolus vulgaris). Days to maturity: 55 days fresh, 95 shell   ..
Bush Bean - Red Swan - Organic
Stringless snap with a unique eye-catching red hue! Deep rose-purple pods are flat, like Romano beans, with rich hearty flavor. Beans turn bright green when cooked. This variety, made by crossing a purple snap bean with a pinto bean, was bred by Minnesota bean breeder Robert Lobitz. Tan seeds. 4-6" flattened pods. Maturity 54 Days. ..
Bush Bean - Serengeti French Filet
A strong, upright growing fancy French filet bean featuring 14 cm (5.5") long, straight smooth featured medium green pods. Robust plants easily carry high yields of these beautiful tasting tender pods. Serengeti also boasts great disease resistance! How To Grow Beans tolerate a wide range of soil types. Their best growth is in light, organic, well drained soil with a pH of about 6.5. Beans have a distinct dislike for cold, wet soils, so sow seed only after the soil has wa..
Cabbage -  Golden Acre - Organic
Super early, adorable green heads on compact plants; perfect for smaller households! This cute OP impressed us (High Mowing Organic Seeds) in our 2015 trials with its small stature and high percentage of marketable heads. Round and solid, with delicate but crunchy texture and sweet, spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. Habit suitable for dense plantings. Compact habit 3-4 lb heads ..
Carrot - Romeo
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - These petite, ball-shaped beauties are extra-tasty morsels to enjoy in just a few bites with excellent sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Delicious little Round Romeos have smooth-skinned orange flesh that needs no peeling; it's fun to eat them right in the garden. These baby gourmet carrots are perfect for containers because they don't need deeply prepared soil like other carrot root crops. Romeo carrots are easy to grow and perform well for both spring and fall p..
Cauliflower - Di Sicilia Violetta
Nutritious and intensely flavourful! Enjoy a fresh, home-grown purple cauliflower with a fine sweet flavour. It's insect resistant and performs well on a range of soil types. So beautiful and so tasty, with a sweet nutty flavour! Great for enticing the kids to eat their veg! Harvest October-December. HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamin C. Ideal for slimmers as it's low in calories! CULINARY TIPS: Delicious with a cheese sauce. Sow in a seedbed outdoors March-M..
Cauliflower - Goodman - Organic
Early, generous producer of well-rounded ivory heads. Goodman will surprise you with a slight frame that manages to produce very well-protected heads with deep curds and tender florets. Good holding ability in the field with a short harvest window. Spring or fall crop. 5" heads. Maturity 70 Days. ..
Celery - Tango- Organic
Greatly improved variety that is early and easy to grow. Two weeks earlier than most varieties; excellent for shorter seasons and home gardens. Smooth, non-stringy stalks with a big celery crunch and beautiful apple green tops. The most forgiving of all our celery varieties. Self-blanching. 18-20" tall. Maturity 85 Days. ..
Corn - Who Gets Kissed? Sweet Corn- Organic
A sweet corn bred for (and by) organic growers! Excellent flavor and tender texture; good cool soil emergence. Compact 5-6' tall plants with ears 2' off the ground; 14-16 rows of kernels each. Good tip fill and husk coverage. Ears have an extended harvest window - check frequently for maturity. Intermediate resistance to rust and smut. Developed by Dr. Bill Tracy, Jared Zystro, Dr. Adrienne Shelton and Dr. John Navazio in collaboration with the Organic Seed Alliance and farmer Marti..
Cucumber - H-19 Little Leaf - Organic
Uniform fruits great for fresh eating or pickling! Compact, multi-branching vines climb easily; small leaf size makes fruit easy to see. Great for field, greenhouse, or containers. Developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991. Plants produce fruit under stress and without pollinators, guaranteeing high yields. Maturity 58 days. Open pollinated. Parthenocarpic AKA:Seedless 3-4" fruit Disease Resistance: ALS: Angular Leaf Spot, AN: Anthracnose, CMV: Cucumber M..
Eggplant - Italian Trio
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Our trio of delicious Italian eggplants combines teardrop-shaped, purple-black “Nadia,” gorgeous, oval-shaped magenta “Beatrice” and heirloom rose and white, globe-shaped “Rosa Bianca.” The strong plants with velvety leaves and lavender blossoms bear abundant crops of curvaceous glossy fruits with tender skins and succulent flesh that is never bitter or seedy. Enjoy in recipes from all Mediterranean cuisines. Maturity 80 days. BEST T..
Eggplant - Little Finger - Organic
Slender, petite eggplants fantastic for grilling. Dark purple skin is thin and tender. Flesh has a silky texture with few seeds and mildly sweet flavor needing very little cooking time. Harvest when fruit is young and glossy. A great variety for large containers! Early. Productive. Great for containers. 3-6" fruit. Maturity 60 Days. ..
Gourd - Crafter's Grourds - Bottles,Dippers & Bowls
(Lagenaria siceraria) EXCLUSIVE - Here are the best large smooth gourds to grace the garden and carve into beautiful vessels and ornaments. Corsican’s flattened, round shape is perfect for decorated containers; Birdhouse’s hourglass form makes perfect garden homes for Purple Martins and other birds; Dippers have long handles and graceful bowls. Gourds grow effortlessly on beautiful long vines to trellis or let sprawl at garden edges. Maturity approx. 135 days. Seeds are color c..
Gourd - Wings & Warts Mix
(Cucurbita pepo) Our whimsical Wings and Warts gourds are fun and easy-to-grow from seed. The 5-6 inch gourds come either smooth-skinned with unique winged bulbs, or warted and shaped like spoons, pears or globes and come in artful combinations of harvest colors. You'll have an abundance of gourds in shades of orange, gold, buff, green and cream. Wings and Warts are perfect long-lasting decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. These quirky gourds are ideal for growing with kids of all ag..
Kale - Dwarf Green Curled
Dark green, densely curled leaves. The plants are dwarf growing and compact in habit. Very winter hardy. The most reliable, nutritious winter vegetable. Withstands adverse weather conditions to yield a good crop of delicious young foliage and sideshoots in late winter and spring. HEALTH BENEFITS: High levels of vitamin A and C. CULINARY TIPS: To retain maximum nutrient levels, lightly steam or stir-fry. Sow April-June outdoors. (28-32 weeks maturity.)   ..
Lettuce Mix - Paris Market Mesclun
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – Typical of the delicious salad mixtures served seasonally in restaurants and sold in fresh markets throughout Paris, this signature combination of baby leaves offers a wonderful array of delicate tastes and beautiful colors. Carefully composed and blended for us by the best old French seed house, it includes finely cut “frisée” (curly endive), several varieties of tender, sweet, red-leaved baby lettuces, wavy rich-green escarole, mild leafy chicor..
Onion - Salad - Italian Scallion
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – Enjoy these heirloom Italian salad onions at the scallion stage, or let them grow into succulent and juicy baby onions. They have burgundy-colored outer wrapper leaves, and white interior flesh that is juicy, succulent and richly flavorful without being overly strong. They taste absolutely delicious sliced into salads or stirfries, egg dishes, or topping pizza. Plus these special salad onions grow easily and hold well in the garden so you can harvest as needed over ..
Pepper - HOT - Southwestern Chile Trio
Renee's mixed packet offers a trio of the best chile flavors with three different heat levels. You’ll have dark green, heart-shaped Ancho ‘San Luis’ with a mild aromatic flavor perfect for chile rellenos; shiny, thick-fleshed ‘Joe Parker,’ an authentic Santa Fe style medium-heat chile wonderful to grill; and spicy Jalapeño ‘Sierra Fuego’ whose hot pungency is just right in salsas, bean dishes and ‘chile poppers.’. Maturity 80 days...
Pepper - Sweet  - Chocolate - Organic
Early and high yielding with unusual very dark red color. Appreciated for its remarkable earliness, heavy fruit set and tolerance of cool nights. Medium-sized peppers are uniformly long and slightly tapered with long stems. Developed by Professor Elwyn Meader at UNH. Uniform shape. Tolerates cool weather. 3-4" fruits. Maturity 58 days green, 78 days brown. ..
Pepper - SWEET - Jewel Tone Bells
Renee's Jewel Tone Blends Sweet Peppers have colour-coded seeds that enable gardeners to grow three super premium hybrid varieties of luscious bell pepper in one packet! Gold Admiral Golden Bell, red North Star Bell and orange Valencia Orange Bell from one convenient packet. These plump vigorous varieties combine mouth-watering rich flavour and juicy texture with hight yeilds & excellent disease resistance. Maturity 75 days. STARTING SEEDLINGS: In early spring, start indoors about 2 m..
Pepper - SWEET - Paprika Magyar
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – Renee imports this variety from Hungary where it is widely recognized for making top-quality sweet paprika. These early ripening plants produce heavy yields of slender, pointed, 4-inch crimson-red peppers. Once harvested, simply dry them and grind into sweet paprika spice powder that offers wonderful, rich, full-bodied flavor and is an excellent source of vitamin C. You’ll be pleased how easy and rewarding it is to grow your own. Maturity 72 days. STARTING ..
Pole Bean - Rattlesnake & Purple Mix
Heirloom mix, Rattlesnake & Purple Pole Beans. Pretty patterned Rattlesnake beans are delicious as fresh pods or for dried beans. Purple pods are renowned for tenderness, flavor and reliability and their color stands out from vines. The mix together is beautiful and delicious! Maturity 65 Day's (approx. 55 seeds/pack) START SEEDS OUTDOORS: In spring once weather is warm and settled and night temperatures stay securely above 55°F (13°C), plant seeds in ..
Pole Bean - Spanish Musica - Organic
EXCLUSIVE – Juicy-sweet and meaty with wonderful crunchy texture, Musica is the earliest, most productive pole bean we’ve ever grown. Best of all, these broad, flat, 7 to 9 inch long pods have unsurpassed rich flavor. Bred originally for European home gardeners, Musica’s vigorous, robust vines climb quickly and effortlessly and produce heavily. Keep these plump, great tasting pods picked and plants will pump out more beans than you thought possible.One of the best pole beans we..
Radicchio - Rossa Di Treviso
A famous radicchio or Chicory from Treviso, Italy. We offer an improved selection. Makes a long slender bunch of leaves, turns deep brilliant red in cool weather. A must for all colorful and tasty salads!     ..
Radish - Five Colour Mix
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – This virtual rainbow of colorful and tasty radishes includes purple, pink, red, white and gold radishes, all with crunchy white flesh. They are fast growing and ready to enjoy in well under a month from sowing. Add them for flavor and color to any green salad, enjoy for crispy snacks, or slice up for eye-catching appetizers with creamy dips. Tuck seeds into the garden in both early spring and fall, wherever you have room for a quick crop. Maturity 28 days. START ..
Radish - Ostergruss - Organic
Unusual carrot-shaped magenta radish with crisp texture and spicy flavor. German variety translated as "Easter Greeting." Firm interior flesh is bright white and enclosed in beautifully contrasting thick pink skin. Dark green foliage ideal for bunching. Beautiful addition to salads and perfect shape for dipping and cruditees. Spring/fall crop. 5-6" roots. Disease Resistance Key: R: Rust. Maturity 30-35 Days. ..
Radish - Pink Beauty - Organic
Bright pink radish with crisp white flesh that completely resists pithiness. Flesh has a distinctive and delicious flavor with pleasant tender texture even when grown to large size. Attractive round to oval shape and medium-sized tops. Very early, eye-catching spring offering.Uniform shape,1-1.5" long roots. Disease Resistance Key: R: Rust. Maturity 27 Days.   ..
Squash - Winter - Long Island Cheese - Organic
Heirloom Vegetable. An old Long Island variety grown since the early 1800s. Smooth, flattened, heavily ribbed, tan colour fruits with deep orange, sweet, butternut-like flesh. Weigh on average 3-5kg (6.5-11lbs). Stores well and is excellent for baking or pie making.       ..
Tat Soi - Organic
Fast growing spoon-shaped leaves are dark green and glossy with narrow white stems. Most popular as a baby leaf for salad and braising mixes, or bunch at full size. Mild flavor and tender texture. At full size leaves form a rosette that sits close to the ground. Versatile. Heat tolerant. Maturity 25 days baby, 45 days full size. ..
Tomato - Italian Grape - Pandorino
Renee's EXCLUSIVE - Pandorino’s vigorous, tall vines are covered early with multiple cascading clusters of cherry-bright, sweet fruits to harvest all summer long. Best of all, these little grape shaped beauties have a wonderful full tomato flavor that’s nicely balanced and not just sticky sweet. This delicious and high-yielding Italian variety is extremely disease-resistant and widely adapted and will bear bountifully in all climate zones.  Maturity 70-75 days.    ..
Tomato - Pompeii Italian, Paste
EXCLUSIVE - Imported from Italy where tomato breeding is a passion, the tall productive vines of Pompeii load up early with heavy clusters of big elongated plum tomatoes with rich flavored meaty flesh. This great tasting, traditional “Roma” type tomato has been endowed with new hybrid vigor and disease resistance for heavy harvests over a long season. You’ll fill baskets with delicious fruit to use fresh or simmer in thick tasty sauces with plenty to can or freeze to warm up wi..
Turnip - Des Vertus Marteau - Organic
Sweet, mild, crisp flavor and unique shape excellent for salads and crudités. Creamy cylindrical roots were a standout in our fresh market turnip trials. The name translates poetically to "Hammer of Virtue." Dates back to 1800s Vertus, a city in northeast France. Fresh eating. 4-6" roots. Maturity 35 Days. Heirloom. ..
Winter - Squash - Kabocha - Kurin
Renee's EXCLUSIVE – We think that our Kurin Kabocha is the most scrumptious of all long-keeping winter squash. Kurin’s intensely orange flesh has a moist, fluffy texture and truly outstanding nutty-sweet, buttery flavor. Besides being absolutely delicious, kabochas are chock full of natural vitamin A, antioxidants and phytonutrients. These beauties are a breeze to grow; you can even easily train them up a trellis. Once harvested, the squashes will keep for months. Maturity 95 day..
Yukina Savoy - Organic
This delicious Asian green is a heat tolerant alternative to Tat Soi. Forest green, spoon-shaped leaves with very mild flavor are cupped and heavily savoyed. Upright architecture for easy harvesting. Slow to bolt. Heat tolerant. Mild flavor. Maturity 21 days baby, 45 days full size. ..
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