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HERB - Chemdog 4 (6 Seeds)
Chemdog 4‚Äč - FEMINIZED - 6-seeds per pack   Genetics: Chemdog x Green Crack Sativa/Indica:  Indica Yield: High THC/CBD: High Flowering Period/Finishing: 55-60 days/mid September Key Features: Buds are spaced further apart, like a sativa, making ventilation less of a problem. Dried buds are packed with crystals. An indica dominant Chemdog #4 strain, is known for its intense cerebral high and fast acting pain relief. If smoked heavily, this stra..
HERB - Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies FEMINIZED 3 seeds per pack Indoor production: 500 gr/m2 Indoor flowering: 65 – 70 days Outdoor flowering: 15 – 30 September Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Green Crack Genotype: Sativa One of the most popular strains originating in California, Girl Scout Cookies has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its outstanding flavor, smokability and long-lasting mind and body high. Seeds grow into Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies phenotypes: one giving a hig..
HERB - Grandaddy Purple
Grandaddy Purple FEMINIZED 3 seeds per pack Indoor production: 450 – 500 gr/m2 Indoor flowering: 60 – 65 days Outdoor flowering: 15 – 30 September Genetics: Purple Urkel x Bigbud Genotype: Indica One of the most beautifully colored, flavorful and potent indica dominant strains, Granddaddy Purple (GDP) has won numbers awards since hitting the mainstream in 2003. Originating in California, this strain is a result of crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud. These seeds w..
HERB - Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel FEMINIZED 3 seeds per pack THC: 25% CBD: 0,30% Indoor production: 550 – 600 gr/m2 Indoor flowering: 70 – 75 days Outdoor flowering: 15 – 30 September Genetics: Chemdowg x NL x Skunk Genotype: Sativa Sour Diesel offers a super-clear head high with intense mood boosting power. Also known as Sour D, this pungent, diesel-scented bud packs a powerful sativa-typical punch. A great medical strain, many patients use it for relief from pain, anxiety, chemot..
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